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    lets stipulate / agree - israel is illegally occupying palestinian land since 1967 - today, a 2 state or 1 state are the only 2 options - the current status quo apartheid IDF regime will no longer be globally acceptable / tolerated - bibi is about bibi - its over for hasbara - jefferey goldberg got it right -

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    I agree with this editorial and the courage it took to write it. Skeptics may object with an assortment of historical alleged “facts”, to justify the building of settlements. Paradoxically, using past history to justify these actions increases the likelihood of poor outcomes. Editorials such as these, that focus on current and future outcomes, will help ground decision making in reality.

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    Don't be so hard on Prusansky. His extreme views will do more to move Orthodoxy forward than if he were in any way reasonable in recognizing the value of women in the movement.

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    Like with the Iron Dome, Israelis seem to be revealing a deep insecurity and strong need to be taken seriously in the world to an extent that some are willing to get carried away with silly exaggerations. You've accomplish a lot in Israel (with a lot of money from the US assisting you), be proud what you have and are doing.

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    Good article that can help many. Thank you.