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    While reading The Beautiful Possible, I was taken on a multiple decade journey. I shed a tear at the end. I believed in Sol, Rosalie,Walter, Sonia and Maya Sonia. What memorable characters they are. They are so well rounded and throughout the story, the author's voice is pleasantly present. I had a great cultural experience through the reading of each page, and the book gave me many moments of reflection. It was poetic, and daring, and brought me to a place where I had never been before. Now I need to learn more about many Jewish customs and Jewish words. The book was lent to me, but my return of the book to the owner will be slow. I am secretly keeping the book by my side, so I can refer to it over and over again.. Best read of 2016, for me.

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    What a beautiful, poignant piece! You distill the essence of this mitzvah to its basic elements. Thank you for bringing this to the public's consciousness.

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    To quote two well known, trite phrases: "there is no time like the present', and "time waits for no man."

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    Anyone who believes the author of this trenchant article to be ignorant of the plight of Jews anywhere in the world is mistaken. And anyone who fails to hear the Jewish tradition in this plea for mercy, based on our own experience, might do well to read Torah more carefully.

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    NEVER AGAIN LEARN self defense, have shomrim, get additional police protection...fight back