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    Democrats, Republicans, and Men--

    Yes, all require a sense of humor!
    Thanks, Ms. R.

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    Hamas and fatah are both derived from the nazi mufti Haj Amin al Husseini's final solution. Thus, it's not possible to 'make peace' with movements dedicated to oppressing working class people, and killing Jews. Both are propped by the Pentagon, and thus are beneficiaries of Western media propaganda.

    They are no more acting in self defense when killing Jews than Husseini's troops were defending Europeans from the scourge of Jews, Serbs, and Roma living in Europe.

    The author needs to tell us: how should Israel respond to a Jewhating killer that is firing rockets at random times from a home (since it's random, you're never really in impending danger. You only know after the fact, with rocket in air, that you were in danger).

    How should the IDF respond to this? It has been as careful as reasonably possible, and should be supported.

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    'Israeli Economy Minister Naftali Bennett said the decision to turn the area into state land was a response to the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teens from a traffic junction in Gush Etzion in June.'
    The is no judicial court on earth -or heaven- which would say the Arab community can murder Jews at will and not suffer any consequences. I agree with Bennett. When Arabs turn neighborhoods into dangerous swamps, it is time to drain the swamp. 1000 acres is almost nothing. It is a really, really small price for Arabs to pay. When the Palestinian community finally decides to live with Jews in peace, penalties for murder and extreme violence will end.

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    Any plans for a tzniut version?

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    Ben-Ami says, 'Israel has a fundamental choice among three things – of which it can only have two: One, control over the land between the river and the sea; two, the Jewish identity and nature of the state; and, three, its democratic character.'
    Ben-Ami's statement is his opinion-not a fact. The fact is: today, Israel is all of these 3 of the things Ben-Ami says they can't be. He doesn't give a reason why these 3 things can't be. Presumably, he believes Arab population growth in Israel will outstrip Jewish growth and will lead to Arabs out-voting Jews. But that population projection is a) disputed b) been predicted for decades and has not happened.
    Ben-Ami is entitled to his opinion. My view is that he hurts the Jewish state. Israel is a tiny country. The Arab countries are very large. It remains a puzzle to this day why the Arabs have ferociously and relentlessly rejected the right of the Jewish nation to live in their historic homeland. Arab anti-Israel feeling is a sickness. Like the addiction to alcohol and drugs, treatment of the anti-Israel disease should never be enabled. Don't say to an alcoholic, 'you can have one drink, but no more'. Addicts always want more. When Ben-Ami says to Arabs you can have this one piece of land, they hear 'we can take it all.'