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  • Reply to: An Artisanal Judaism Grows in Brooklyn   20 hours 48 min ago

    Yup-keep going. The mainly silent Jewish American diaspora has been truth seeking for many many years. So far the trip has been extremely fruitful--just remember one size does not fit all.

  • Reply to: A Heady Political Debate   21 hours 8 min ago

    Nice article,well said.Vituperative climate is an understatement!
    May the best woman win.

  • Reply to: Beets: Beautiful, Flavorful, Sweet   21 hours 33 min ago
    I make this all the time and it is beautiful and yummy. 2 things tho- I use some cinnamon, scant cumin and some sugar for the spices ( no garlic) and, although I dredge the sweets in the seasoning first, I actually begin roasting the beets 15 minutes earlier since they need more time.
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    Above all, our unique and unparalleled American democracy must survive and thrive. I doubt it would remain healthy under a Trump administration. We know from our matriarchs and patriarchs that humans and heroes are far from perfect. Hillary Clinton is not perfect and Trump is deeply flawed. But between the two our country's democracy and tradition of welcome and concern for the most vulnerable as well as the rule of law will be best preserved and conserved under a Clinton Presidency.

  • Reply to: Why Donald Trump Is Worse Than An Anti-Semite   22 hours 11 min ago

    Jerome, you have some chutzpah. You call him worse than an anti-Semite but fail to give a single example of anything he did or said that's even remotely anti-Semitic. Pure hysteria. Are we to ignore Clinton's admiration for racist anti-Semite Dem KKK senator Robert Byrd? Or Hillary calling black men "super-predators", a term even Bernie Sanders called her out for? Get out of your insecure, delusional elitist bubble and interact with real Americans for a change... And Vote Trump.