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  • Reply to: Standing Up To Bullies, Here And In Israel   20 hours 25 min ago

    So everyone's a bully except for liberals. The liberal media who bash anything conservative, the liberal executives at companies punitively punishing conservative states for legislating conservative, religious values and liberal celebrities and personalities always ready to discredit anyone for even hinting at moral, ethical backbone from a religious viewpoint. But no- liberals aren't bullies. To the contrary they are being bullied and need to stand up for themselves.
    The sheker of you people is sickening.

  • Reply to: My Waking Nightmare: A Trump Presidency   1 day 6 min ago

    I LIVED through it, I saw Hitler in person and I heard his rants and screaming on the radio for months and years. I heard Mussolini, his lapdog. I was a 12-year old kid but I was already growing up. And I can tell, for certain, this is how it starts. Due to my father's business, I traveled with him across Europe, saw the brownshirts and the blackshirts, saw the incredible German military technology, foremost at the time, and felt the sting of officially sanctioned and promoted anti-semitism, long before it morphed into death camps.

    I do not believe Trump will con enough voters to win the election and end in the White House. G-d forbid! But the evil forces he has unleashed, empowered, released from under their rocks, those will remain and stay with us for generations. Those are the forces I fear will change life, news, the political and social discourse as we know it. The hate, the racism, the envy, the anti-intellectualism, the anti-science and education, the resentment of the aggrieved and ignorant elements of the populace, and the silent support of the ultrarich who seek only their profits and power at the expense of everybody else, those are history repeating itself, not quite one hundred years later, and those will remain long after The Donald, the internet celebrity parlaying his Kardashian moment into the fame and power of presidential candidacy of the largest democracy in the world, has faded from the scene.

    George Wolf


  • Reply to: Debbie Wasserman Schultz, The DNC, And The Anti-Bernie Emails   1 day 1 hour ago

    It doesn't really matter whether DWS was copied on these emails or not. So many emails contained such toxic material that it's clear that she created and tolerated an atmosphere at the DNC that led to such emails being the norm.

    The exchange about Bernie being a Jewish atheist is the worst. Not only does it show that the DNC was trying to use his heritage and religion (or lack thereof) as a weapon against him, but it indicates that the DNC believes that its own voters are bigots.

  • Reply to: A Modest Proposal on Conversion   1 day 1 hour ago

    R Skolnik is among the few of the "old breed" of Cons rabbis who actually feel an affinity to their Orthodox peers; most of the next gen of JTS grads have had little if no contact with Orthodoxy, and have a world-view that treats halacha as something that is taught, not lived.

  • Reply to: Weld: Fight Terror As ‘Criminal Conspiracy’   1 day 1 hour ago

    According to this article in the Jpost:
    it was Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick who opened the Massachusetts-Israel Innovation Partnership.