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    Why stop there? Why not install Charedi inspectors at the Kotel entrance, to make sure all men are wearing tzitzit, did not have a "keri" dream the night before, and promise to change to Rabbeinu Tam tefillin before Ashrei? And to accompany all women to a nearby mikveh, before allowing them into the area, to make sure no tum'ah comes before Herod's Wall? I hear Rabbi Freundel might be available for this mission....

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    Great comment! What insight! What subtlety! What nuance! To equate women davening with worshiping the golden calf! Wow- so convincing! So persuasive! Really, once the Women of the Wall read your comment, they'll just say, "you know, that's right. When we daven, when we layn from the Torah, it's like worshipping a golden calf, why didn't we think of that!" As to "X-Mas," as you so delicately put it - here's a trivia quiz: in which denomination of Judaism do a substantial number of adherents believe that their dead leader is the Messiah and didn't really die? Kind of like, you know...those "Xians"? I'll give you a few minutes to google it. Hint: it's HQ is in Brooklyn.

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    Israel: the one Western-style democracy where Jews do not have religious freedom.

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    Igbo are definitely not Jews. Jews are European and not Jews. It is however, an insult to say that Igbo are Israelites. It is more accurate to say that the highest concentration and population in the world found refuge in Igboland. Igbo is an ancient race that includes people of many nations in Africa, The majority of people in Tanzania are Igbo, some in Kenya, Zambia, Uganda, Gabon, and many others that make up the macro Igbo. For example, there are Sukuma and Nwanza (Nwanza) in Tanzania as Bahima (Umu Chima). Thanks.

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    I hope that, in the future, ADL stays out of the business of endorsing appointments to the Supreme Court. Emphasis should be on lawyers and judges, not women and hispanics with little judicial experience.