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  • Reply to: DC Branch of Knesset   11 hours 47 min ago

    This is the single most anti-Semitic article I have seen in ages in any so-called "legitimate" media not to mention in any Jewish media. Bloomfield channels the very language of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and of the Nazi's in 1920's and 30's Germany, as told to me by my father, Abraham Israel, who grew up there and was an early anti-Fascist activist. Bloomfield has constantly manifested hate and anger towards one political party (is the Jewish Week a 501c3 by the way?) but nothing excuses using such language and such accusation. Shame on Bloomfield and shame on the Editors of the Jewish Week if their only way of presenting these opinions is to use Protocols language.

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    Perhaps college students feel for the way Dershowitz (obviously without doing any research) SLAMMED innocent Amanda Knox and Raffaele during their 4-year wrongful imprisonment in Italy and numerous kangaroo trials! How much $$$ did he get paid for his numerous media appearances? shame, shame

  • Reply to: Former FEGS Chief Suing Bankrupt Agency For $1.2 Million   14 hours 19 min ago

    The classical definition of chutzpah is someone who kills his parents and then pleads for mercy on the grounds that he is an orphan.

    Till now.

    Ms. Magaliff (rhymes with gonyif), enriched herself while mismanaging (or, worse) the agency that she was so highly compensated to run. Now she wants to hold on to her ill gotten gains and wants an additional $1.2 million. New definition of chutzpah indeed!

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    I commend the women clergy of our county and those who sustained injury from the arrows(Pioneers always get the arrows shot in their backs). Last year Chancellor Eisen came out with a statement that our movement must welcome non- Jews into our flock. When I asked him if he had an action plan his answer was " we are working on it" I am still waiting.

    The University of Judism has a program that is very popular and growing entitled Two Faiths one Family - I have suggested that the Chancellor take a look at this program and bring it to the attention of the Clergy in Conservative Synagogues- My Rabbi in fact didn't want to hear about the program-I took the program to the largest Reform Temple in the country and they have had many discussions with the Rabbi who is running this program and they are thinking about using this program...

    I wish things were different -

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    God sent His Son. Satan sent His false prophet Muhammad. That's why the world is in such a mess.