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    Freundel was a problem for years but not in the way he eventually turned out to be. Because those earlier problems were ignored he was able to reach the point which enabled him to do as he pleased.

    A similar situation exists in the National Council of Young Israel. They not only ignored an excommunication placed upon a wicked rabbi, they covered it up with documents they FORGED. Most of their leadership knows of this but looks the other way. Please see

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    the use of the term Quisling is spectacularly inappropriate here especially as Vidkun Quisling was anything but a leftist.
    Actually, what Gabor is saying isn't much different from what Reuben Rivlin has been saying on many occasions. Does that make him a 'Quisling' as well? Or is that your worldview sees everyone outside Kiryat Arba as a 'Quisling?'

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    So he's a saint because he donates money to a racist regime? Wow sainthood gets easier and easier.

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    Thank you for speaking out. As we descend into a racist nightmare, the rare voice that speaks truth is most precious. G-d bless you.

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    When two Jewish sisters were murdered by their black next door neighbor (a convicted felon) in Pittsburgh, PA in February, the murders received very little attention in the national media. When blacks are murdered by other blacks, these crimes are rarely picked up by the national media as well. Why is there this fascination about cops killing blacks? Yes it happens, but not all that often.

    The reality is that young blacks commit a disproportionate amount of the street crime in our cities. So it should not be a big surprise that they are stopped more often. Detroit is among the most Judenrein major cities in the industrial world. Once upon a time it had some wonderful neighborhoods, but not any more. Crime drove the Jews to the suburbs, even if it meant that they had to give up their spacious Tudor style homes for crackerbox bungalows in the suburbs.

    Since Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson, there have been about 155 murders in Chicago with 74% of the victims being black. Google Chicago murders 2014 and you will find a number of web sites dealing with Chicago crime. How many of these homicides were covered by news media outside Chicago? How many of these homicides did you write about? Zero?