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    I am not sure that I understand what your issues are. I'd like to read some specifics because women do have a very large area in which they can - and do - pray at the Western Wall, complete with their own Torahs. Let me pose this question: if you were staging a Jewish event, and wanted all segments of the Jewish Community represented, wouldn't you make sure the food was absolutely kosher (or at least have a kosher option) so that everyone would feel comfortable and could be accommodated? I'm sure you would.

    In the same light, it makes sense to me that, in order to accommodate the needs of the orthodox, the separation between men and women is enforced at the Western Wall. I would certainly be open to a third section being opened, one which allows men and women with children to stay together - it could be in between the men-only and women-only sections. I am not aware of anyone suggesting this alternative, which is reasonable. Once upon a time, that was common in Conservative synagogues, but that was decades ago.

    I have never heard anything about the mistreatment of American Jewish women in Israel, so I'll need your help with that one. I am aware that there were some issues that the Conservative Movement faced in Israel, but I thought they had been largely resolved, so I'd like to know what I'm missing.

    Thanks in advance for a response.

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    The watershed moment for me regarding the American-Israeli Jewish relationship happened with the recent Netanyahu-Obama spat on Iran. A large segment of the Jewish community sided with Obama on an issue that threatens Israel's continued existence. As an American living in Israel for 30+ years I realized for the first time American Jewry cannot be relied upon for support. This is in stark contrat to the Religious Christian community and other conservative outlets like Fox News. Given the choice of supporting The Jewish Week or Fox News I choose the later. The dependency of Israel on American Jewry support has greatly diminished and I predict will continue to decline.

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    Given the description of his meeting I wonder is the Rabbi also an advocate of J Street?

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    Rabbi: With all due respect its been my impression that religious pluralism is always pushed aside by the Israelis no matter what the state of the obviously very real and frightening threats to Israel. The most unfortunate aspect of this blindness to the aspirations of many North American Jews is that it adds to the anti Israel narrative and fuels the arguments of the enemies of Israel. The Israels believe, and probably correctly for the moment, that there is a core of American Jewish supporters of Israel who can suppress the antagonism the Israel anti pluralistic policies continues to create. My fear, both for myself and others, is that eventually that antagonism will overcome the diminishing love and support for Israel among North American Jews. I note with sadness that even Rabbi Riskin has now become the target of the ever powerful extremist religious right -- reminiscent of the words of Pastor Neimollar -- "first they attacked the ..... and no one protested..."

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    Shows us that racists come in all forms, colours and religions.

    The thing is that Judaism is a racist religion from the get go.

    Anyone who's ever read Genesis and the 613 rules of your sky god knows this.

    I wonder what this racist thinks of people who converted to Judaism 1000-1500 years ago, and are now claiming some sort of birth right in Palestine.

    You sir, are a hater. A racist and a hater. Haters going to harte. And you accuse people who falls in love with someone else than your "chosen people" as self haters. You project your own hate.

    But there is hope for you.

    I will pray to the Great Spaghetti Monster and his Holy Prophet, the Mighty Macaroni for your soul. All you have to do is to repent your hatred and discard your false god of hate and accept the Mighty Macaroni as your Lord and Savior.