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    This summed up going to Grossinger every year for Pesach. We were there every year until it closed. It is sad. It did bring the family closer together.

    Thank you for writing and posting. Thanks for the memories!

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    'One day after the horrific terrorist attacks throughout the city of Paris, France, world leaders and celebrities are responding. Celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and more took to social media to show an outpouring of sympathy towards the attack victims. World leaders such as Barack Obama, Pope Francis, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, and countless others also pledged their solidarity with France as the world tries to make sense of this act of violence.' -Inquisitr- Nov. 2015

    There have been far more horrific terrorist attacks in Israel than in France, yet celebrities and world leaders never showed the same kind of outpouring of sympathy to Israel and the pledge of solidarity that happened with France. I have no doubt that the explanation is anti-semitism, but that is not the point I want to make today. Jews like Zimmerman suffer from a psychological disorder similar to Stockholm Syndrome and Battered Wife Syndrome.
    They have been so thoroughly intimidated by the much larger, stronger societies in which they live, that they internalize and come to believe the negative attributes the world ascribes to Jews and Israel, even though they are demonstrably false. It is pitiable that this disorder is still prevalent among Jews.

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    Rabbi Sarna is astonished as we all are and have been over the past years, but the question is do our fellow Jews who support BDS realize that they are endangering our own people by doing so? Only decades upon decades of groundless and baseless liberal thinking could have distanced well intentioned Jews from their own people. You can argue with your own family, but if you are ready to blow their door down and expose your siblings to derision and hate, let alone enabling and facilitating the attacks of those who come to harm them, then that is only because you don´t consider yourself a member of the family.

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    If it were not for the illegal blockbusting techniques and blatant disregard for local zoning ordinances, I might agree with the antisemitism allegations. But having seen the illegal tactics of some Haredim in Toms River first hand, I simply must dismiss antisemitism as the main cause of the town's actions. The Chabad House knowingly violated zoning regulations and admitted as much at the zoning board meeting. Nothing was stopping them from setting up shop in properly zoned areas of the town. There are many synagogues and Jewish centers in the Toms River area already operating without zoning issues. In fact, a local synagogue has offered to house the Chabad community center to end the controversy, as it is properly zoned.