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    Mr. Rosenblatt effectively captures the counter-productive allegations and vitriolic rhetoric that makes the outside world focus on these disrespectful exchanges rather than the important issues.

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    Growing up in the NY 'borscht belt', BLESS you Steve for writing about this lady whose class I'd 'LOVE' to take. Please tell her she's a DELIGHT!! I look forward to reading her book.
    Mariann (ISHS)

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    OUTRAGEOUSLY delightful!! I 'loved' whoever contrived these 'gems'. THANKS.

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    I am sorry to disagree with Gary, but this op-ed is way off base.

    1) Fear and loathing? Animosity? Misperceptions! What there is is the realization that Israel's existence is in danger by most members of the Jewish Community. Gary never mentions this. When your family is in danger of being killed you fight as hard as you can against the forces who want to kill your family - and you fight as hard as you can against those in your community who still do not see this danger.

    2) Susan Rice - she DOES have a blind spot when it comes to genocide. As unPC as saying this is, it is the truth.

    3) Sheldon Adelson - one of today's TRUE Jewish leaders. Gary says that the talk about his support for the 'anti-left' campaign is based more on speculation than on truth - so why include this. Or, why not say the same about G.Soros's support for the anti-Israel campaign.

    It pains me that Gary seems to be living back in the 1930s, not understanding the true threat to Israel and the Jewish People. If he did, he would have written a completely different op-ed piece.

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    the ultimate purpose of a restaurant is to make money for its owners; when their "message" gets in the way, it's time to find another business