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    Just listened to the podcast here in California and was quite angered by what I heard and astonished by the selfishness of the controlling parties. As stated by Ira we live in a democracy where general rights have been established, the right to an education is one of them. Common American educational standards have been developed to promote free speech, and to look at history, socciety, and religion from all angles. To have a group either Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Aryan or otherwise narrow that education to benefit their own narrow view detracts from their collective morality.
    I will go to sleep tonight better Informed and sleep soundly because of the majority of well penned views I have read on this discussion board.

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    "Ungar-Sargon was able to gain much better access that included extensive interviews with current board members."

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    The argument about reserves is wholly bogus. Each week the NYS Comptroller sends our an email with various audits he completed that week. Included are audits of municipalities and also of school districts.

    There are generally 5 or so school audits published each week. I read them. Either you don't or you are just a complete hypocrite. Because for the last several months almost every single audit focused on one thing. (Yes, he goes through phases) That has to do with budgeting. Almost every time there was a finding it was because there was because the district did not spend down the accumulated reserves. That's right, all these districts were being censured for not spending down the surplus.

    But, I am just reporting facts. You would not want the facts to bother you. As you have readily demonstrated with your earlier comments. So this is just another fact you can know knowingly ignore.

    As far as Mr.Calahoun not get information from members of the school board, I can take an educated guess at that. They saw who he was hanging with and where his starting point was. There was little to no chance that he was going to be accurately quoted or favorably quoted. So why even grant him access.

    I actually had some indirect correspondence with the aforementioned Calahoun, and it was clear that there was not even a smidgen of objectivity.

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    Being a non-Jew, I was left wondering why the selfish and oppressive actions taken by the Hasidic dominated school board didn't produce an outcry and corrective measures among Jewish leaders ? Surely, these condemnable actions do not agree with teachings in the Torah.

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    Excellent analysis on a very important issue. In this time of severe national security concerns including a heighten risk of terrorism in Israel, Europe, and Israel, plus ongoing economic problems, charitable giving is a significant was to improve these situation.