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    "The overwhelming majority of halakhic decisors during the past several hundred years see Christianity as idolatry for Jews, but not for Christians."

    That's what I (and, I can safely assert, others) have trouble understanding. How can "Christianity [be] idolatry for Jews, but not for Christians", given that the first Christians were Jews and that Christianity is simply Nazarene-Essenic Judaism in its original form?

    Also, as cited, "'God does not repent of the gifts He makes or the calls He issues (to the Jewish people.)'" How on Earth was a sect that stated that considered idolatrous? Furthermore, recent scholarship has shown that, e.g., "The author of Revelation identified himself with other Jews and chose to direct his invective against non-Jews as well as the Roman Empire, which he saw as responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus and the destruction of Jerusalem" (John W. Marshall, "John's Jewish (Christian?) Apocalypse," 253-55. via "Kesher Journal")

    So, how can a historical current of Jewish thought be idolatry for Jews?

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    Everything you quotes is 100% incorrect i have read the Bible, Quraan, and Torah. So please do yourself a favor and get educated. Because one of the basic things in the Quraan is to treat all religions equally and have respect for all human beings. So when you have comments to make please do your research before you post as you are one of many who hate Muslims just to hate them for actions of some. Not all Muslims hate Jews and not all Jews hate Muslims if you will be posting ignorant and misleading comments please leave them to yourself.

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    Readers may be interested in the story, "Swords Into Silverware," written on the Conflict Kitchen not long after it was founded:

    As for the JW story here, I take exception to this quote: “Pittsburgh’s a small town, and we don’t have much cultural diversity."

    While Pittsburgh isn't Manhattan, it's not a small town, either. I suggest readers unfamiliar with Pittsburgh view this website: "Pittsburgh Rankings and Accolades":

    As for "not much cultural diversity," I again respectfully disagree. Again, it's not NYC, but, especially in Pittsburgh's East Side neighborhoods, diversity abounds, which, in part, is why Pittsburgh was among the cities The New York Times noted this week in the article "Where Young College Graduates Are Choosing to Live."

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    For the record, I HAVE listened to the opera and read the libretto many times (initially more than 20 years ago, and also very recently).. My letter was based on that (not an autobiography that I will now read). But (assuming we are both at least reasonable people) the fact that we can both hear the opera and read the libretto and come to such different conclusions proves my point: the meaning is too ambiguous for it being a matter on which to expend precious moral capital. It may or may not be crying Wolf!, but many people of good will will see it that way.

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