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  • Reply to: Trump Allegations ‘Don’t Move The Needle’   3 days 21 min ago

    "When allegations came out about Bill Clinton, people didn’t bail and register as Republicans."
    Clinton fooled around; so did Kennedy (& who knows how many other presidents). Bragging about sex abuse is in an entirely other category, & should disqualify *anyone* from public office.

  • Reply to: How Obama Can Still Advance Mideast Peace   3 days 1 hour ago

    What about the one state solution with financially incentivized voluntary population transfers. Israel can then remain a strong democracy and a Jewish state.

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    It is shocking, in light of recent allegations - not denied - that the Clinton campaign has engaged in despicable dirty tricks against the Trump campaign, that The Jewish Week has chosen to endorse Clinton rather than to keep its own counsel. If Trump is clumsy and inarticulate in his spontaneous way of speaking, even if he is offensive, his platform is intelligent and informed, and it addresses the major ills that beset this country and the American people today. The endorsement calls Trump "ill-equipped" but fails to mention the systemic corruption that has characterized Clinton's entire career. That corruption now pervades our federal government as well as every level of her own campaign. Her recent history - destroying govt property that was under subpoena, lying to Congress, the FBI, AND the American people, playing a leading role in "pay for play" through the Clinton Foundation, and on and on.

    Donald Trump has been implicated in rude behavior, but he is not running for Boy Scout. Womanizing, illicit relationships, and course speech have been character flaws of some of our greatest presidents including JFK, Bill Clinton, FDR, and Lyndon Johnson. The endorsement of Clinton because Trump is imperfect is a loss to the Jewish community. Clinton has failed to support Israel in deed and has told Muslim audiences not to pay attention to pro-Israel campaign rhetoric. American Jews need to wake up to the realities of real politics and the anti-Semitic content of the back story behind the Clinton campaign.

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    You say that Trump supports "hopeful change for the poor in the inner cities." So you either haven't noticed or share Trump's virulently racist view of African Americans? Again and again, Trump speaks of African American neighborhoods as if every single resident is a gang member. Does he ever mention African American doctors who live in "the inner cities"? Lawyers? Schoolteachers? Office workers? Does he ever mention that crime has gone DOWN in many African American neighborhoods? Trump's racist statements about African American neighborhoods aren't aimed at winning African American support. They are simply aimed at currying the favor of whites who share this ugly view of African Americans.

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    Any unilateral military action similar to what was taken in Gaza would result in a similar outcome as what has taken place in Gaza.As someone said if you do the same thing over and over again expect the same results.