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    One is better off defining or anylizing what the parameters are for this subset of Jews based on certain indicators like the actual definations of the words: Ashkenazi, Sephardi and Mizrachi.

    In Hebrew, Ashkenazi actually means German. Sephardi means Spanish and Mizrachi means Eastern.

    These three distinctions have to to do with separated despersed group of Jews which divided rabbinic communication was blocked off from each other. They each in turn developed quite distinct customs from each other in various ways.

    As a result of this seperation, the Hebraic customs and interpretations were all expressed differently among these Cental/Eastern Europeans and the Spanish Jews who from 1492 were despersed from Spain with that Spanish tradition which went in to the Askinazi culture group Central European region and into the Arabic.

    Prayers were similar but the songs and sequences and customary sitting and standing are different. The dress and common daily languages where different. The language is the most notably indureing trait; Yiddish-middle a mix of German and Hebrew; Sephardi is a mix of antiquated Spanish and Hebrew and the Mizrachi spoke a distinct dialect of Arabic, probably mixed also with Hebrew.

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    I am personally going to double my use of soda stream products. Please stop the lies about soda stream. Everyone knows that this is an anti-Israel, Palestinian inspired, political vendetta against Soda stream. If Palestinians don't want to work for an Israeli company, fine. Stay home. But no one has the right to work at a business and purposely try to damage it. If I went to my job and damaged their reputation, I would be fired. That is how life works. There is an international, coordinated effort by very bad people to harm Soda stream - strikes, demonstrations, social media campaigns. Stop it. This is a soda company. If you are that sick with hatred for Jews, you need professional help.

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    You don'y have to know what you are talking about to be an 'expert'. Kerry and Obama prove that. Israeli leaders were saying from the outset of the ground invasion that it could take at least 2 weeks. I don't know much, but 2 weeks sounds reasonable. After all, this is very difficult, highly dangerous warfare. That was Friday, July 18. I am writing this Monday, July 21. Obama and Kerry are calling for truce - 3 and 1/2 days after the ground war began. If Israel is permitted to complete this mission, thousands of lives on both sides will be much better off. This seems very obvious to me. Obama and Kerry don't seem to grasp it. They seem to want to keep Hamas in place; to keep their terror infrastructure viable. They are repeating a proven, failed strategy. Stop Israel before they cripple Hamas. Hamas then survives, rebuilds, and starts another war. It has happened before. This is called pattern recognition. Harvard boys are supposed to be smart. My bad.

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    The ignorance continues....better read this:

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    notice "Sapoznik" ;-)