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    Why can't I get over the notion that Gross was a US spy...

  • Reply to: Director Of DC’s Theater J Fired, Ostensibly Over Controversial Israel Plays   7 hours 10 min ago

    Congrats to Carole Zawatsky and the DCJCC on a smart decision to ensure that Theater J is a welcoming and open cultural home for people who want to celebrate Jewish history, life, music, drama and more. The tenure of Ari Roth was an obsession with demonizing Israel. For every play he put on stage to promote his angry political agenda, there was literally less stage time for efforts to heal, unite and build our fragile community. Theater J is not there to point needles in the eyes of members of our community. Roth had chance after chance over 18 years to try to be a healer in our community -- and chose to dig in his heals and spit in the faces of those who want to ensure that the Jewish community not only survives, but also thrives. As a former DCJCC staff and board member, and as a current donor and participant, I say THANK YOU to the DCJCC! Ari has a right to put on whatever play he wants and to say what he thinks in our free country. But he should (and I presume now will) do it on his own time and dime elsewhere. He has a lot of fans and supporters and I feel sure his artistic voice will continue in a place outside of a JCC -- where it belongs. The DCJCC has a wonderful reputation for a reason, and I am sure that a new Theater J leader will only make it a stronger place for Washington area theater fans.

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    Only the orthodox have judaism imbedded in their bones. Conservative and reform rabbis entered the rabbinate much as they might have entered dentistry, insurance, or used car sales.

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    It reads as well the second time.

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    Cut to the chase -- Obama is the enemy. Nuff said.