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    I find it hard to believe that a Jewish organization is capable of serving a non-kosher dinner, when there is even one person present who eats kosher. Years ago my company sent me from Israel on a business trip to California. At the end of the trip, the (non-Jewish) people threw me a party. When they heard that I ate kosher, they ordered all the food (not just mine) from a kosher deli. I would expect no less from another Jew.

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    Black Lives Matter is openly antisemitic and anti-Israel. I don't care about these people's skin colors and I hope if they're halakhic Jews, they are treated as such, but if they're willing to associate with enemies of the Jews and try to bring leftist divisions into the Jewish community, maybe there's a reason people are suspicious of them. And El Al asking you questions is standard.

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    I have deep respect for Rabbi Yitz Greenberg and agree with his analysis of the dialectic within the various dichotomies in Orthodoxy today. In effect, each of the movements-Conservative and Reform at present also experience divergent perspectives related to practice and commitment which account for serious challenges. Ideally, Rabbi Greenberg, given his ability and insight could create a forum together with other representatives from the various movements to examine the issues and to try to find some way to unify our various forms of expression so that here is a common denominator.

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    There is only one problem with Mr Trump, he said "everyone will say "merry xmas".
    His stance is not fair,as he does not like "happy holiday".
    What is wrong with him?