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    You may not agree on the Prime Ministers policies but you have to recognize that you don't live there anymore on a day to day basis. You don't experience rockets fired at you and as a result if the Israeli electorate voted for security by voting for the Prime Minister you should support what ever government a democracy chooses. Menachem Begin never criticized labor governments when he traveled outside Israel. He patiently waited to become Israels' Prime Minister. At a time of war his oppostion party joined the ruling Labor party to show a national unity government. Remember your history. As Iac continues to develop unite behind Israels governments whether they are from the right left or center. Also remember it was Begin and his Likud that made the firdt peace treaty with Arab countries.

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    Here is the real problem with "birthright”!
    See this incredible headline.-
    "New Birthright-Inspired Program to Bring Young Christians to Israel “
    “The Covenant Journey is set to bring young Christians to Israel this summer in order to strengthen their faith and encourage them to become goodwill ambassadors for Israel."
    click on it or google it. So called "birthright " is about promoting Christianity by using Israel, has v sholom! Please complain- Israel should be promoted to Jews- there are plenty who would love to come , but cannot afford to - they are the ones who should be helped to visit Israel and not Christians!!!!
    Here it is again (they don’t mention the Christians in this one!) and I hope you can do something to STOP THIS !-
    “Birthright Continues Sending Thousands to Israel”

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    Agree with Jeffrey Rozany. Even though my parents (both survived
    Lodz ghetto, Auschwitz & other camps) are both deceased as
    of 2014, I totally agree with Mr. Rozany. The efforts taken by
    Poland, were definitely TOO LITTLE TOO LATE; and, a
    retroactive payment from 1991 should be made to those
    living survivors.

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    This article is frustrating because it ignores the issue that I really care about: the decision of Likud to insert Israel into the poisonous grasp of right-wing partisan politics in America. You may think that this is just a trivial matter, that you can blow it off and ignore the bad feelings. Get this straight. This is not just a difference of perception over security issues. Now that you've taken sides I no longer expect to back you on Iran or anything else. Until now I've never had to separate my values as an American and my values as a Jew. Netanyahu crossed a line when he made this devil's bargain with Speaker Boehner. I got the message loud and clear. Evidently, based on the dithering of this article you still don't get it. You have made a bargain with the enemy of democracy in my world. You have lost the right to expect cooperation and support on anything.

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    All the insults this president has thrown on Bibi; the closing of Ben Gurion Airport, the refusal to rearm Israel during the Gaza War, the pressures put on Israel not to build on its own land, no pardon for Jonathan Pollard but the pressure to release 1,000 Arab criminals in exchange for Gilad Shalit, the attempted manipulation of the Israeli elections, the false promise never to allow Iran nuclear capabilities and on and on and on. This is what makes a Jew proud to have this POTUS as leader?! How exasperating and totally insane!