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    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

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    Reminded me of Al Sharpton calling any criticism of him 'racist'.

  • Reply to: Yale Chaplain’s Resignation Reflects Larger Mainline Tensions Over Israel   8 hours 51 min ago

    This is a parable. The devil hatched a plan to sew extreme violence and division among the peoples of the world. He sent the message to the media that Jews were building 1000 homes on state land that Arabs coveted for themselves. People were outraged. Don't the Jews care about Arabs and their desires? The U.N. convened all the nations. Newspapers wrote stories against Israel. The attention of the world was on the Jewish nation. All eyes were distracted. Decades went by, while nearby, governments were cruel to their people. Freedom was non-existent. Poverty was widespread in the countryside amidst the riches of the rulers. Many citizens of the Islamic nations were angry. They blamed Israel, they revolted against their leaders, and they attacked non-believers - not necessarily in that order. The devil's plan was working. Divert the world's attention away from the death and destruction occurring in much of the world so that people are unable to fix the many serious problems. Harass Jewish people for building houses and living normal lives. The devil laughed. The world's citizens did not realize the devil was playing them for fools.

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    I understand the gospel should always be free, but there are other finances involved like the building do you think they are going to offer the place with no charge. Well God would have to make the way there for his word to go forward. I do think they are excessive so why not have donation/offering plates at a point where everybody passes and if there are those who can afford the 10,000 why would they not step up and help defer the costs.

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    Schabas should be disqualified because he doesn't understand the principal of proportionality as applied by the UN to military conflicts. He makes a proportion of civilian to civilian casualties, when that is not the issue. The issue under the ICC's Rome Statute (which at any rate does not apply because it expressly prohibits ex post facto application) is whether civilians were a target rather than military. A standard way of determining this question is whether the civilian to military casualty ratio on the aggrieved side was especially high. In this case it was high only because Hamas and other groups in Gaza committed war crimes by emplacing and firing their weapons nearby sheltering civilians. How can Schabas act as judge 1) if he means to apply the law ex post facto; and 2) if he misunderstands what a proportion is?