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    Nonsense. The RCA recognizes women's right to learn Torah as per Rabbi Dr. Joseph Soloveitchik. The fact that Schlaff decides that not having women rabbis is in some way way a denial of women's learning is irrelevant as it is contrary to all generally recognized Orthodox authority as promulgated by the RCA and Agudath Israel. It is also a denial of women's primary role in Judaism whether feminists like Schlaff like it or not.

    You can try to create facts on the ground, which may change things in the future, but granting invalid rabbinic titles is not the answer.

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    all of the territory west of the Jordan river is its "west bank"
    Ezra Schawrtz was murdered in Gush Etzion.
    Drefus's use of "west bank" doesn't help the reader to understand the story, only lets the writer's political views to be known

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    Its about time that anyone who sends their children for " the year ", or makes Aliya, understand that you are entering an official war zone. " Officially " - Lebanon, Syria, and almost all Arab neighbors are as war with Israel. Hamas and all of the other terrorist groups are at war with Israel. People delude themselves to think that you can live in peace without fear in Israel. The Israeli people know this - its about time the rest of the Jewish people realize this. BUT its also about time for the Israeli government to get a backbone and totally block off Israeli / Jewish Israel from the " Palestinian " areas and totally deny access to the terrorists.

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    history should be kinder to men like Albert. A million Alberts would have saved the world from nazism and that lesson is the point for honoring Albert.

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    I am so proud of your answer to those dinosaurs, who couldn't see beyond there own noses. Our kids have more honesty and joy onstage than most, and I thank you for the opportunity to celebrate their talented diversity. Keep going, Maestro !!!!!