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    Can autism acceptance and autism recovery co-exist? I can only speak from my perspective. I have two autistic children, one 14 and one 11. Neither speak; neither is toilet trained; my son in particular engages in violent behavior which results in damage to our house and trips to the ER. It has been very stressful. If there was a chance that my children could be healed of autism, you better believe I would take it. If someone believes otherwise, that's their prerogative. We can all live together.

    HOWEVER... I have not received all that much acceptance from the crowd that promotes acceptance. I have been told that it is my fault that my children don't communicate. I have had it suggested that I am an awful parent because I don't accept my children as they are. I may be a lot of things, but an awful parent I am not.

    So to answer the question, yes, they can co-exist. But no, they don't co-exist.

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    I have the SOLUTION:
    A new hagaddah, that does a thorough job of hitting the most important elements of the seder, crisply and with meaning, and that can be accomplished in 25-35 MINUTES FROM START TO FINISH!

    Only then will we start to see a return to the seder from the disaffected.

    Otherwise Judaism is doomed to a dismal future of undue influence of Orthodoxy, driving away even more, in a depressing cycle.

    An hour, 2 hour and even longer seder will KILL JUDAISM among those that matter most for its survival, the young seculars.

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    This is a REALLY terrific piece. I love the concept- Egypt within. Well done.

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    The Editors of The Jewish Week characterize their endorsement of NY-JCRC's position (vis a vie' its critics) in the context of the spirit of the phrase "No good deed goes unpunished". I think a more accurate aphorism is "The road to hell is paved with good intentions". Sadly, given the editors‘ intentional misrepresentation of the nature of the criticism (“notable figures … not to mention a large percentage of Israelis … would be banned from marching by those who proclaim that if you don’t love all of Israel, including the West Bank settlements, you are anti-Israel.") I question your intentions as well. Attempting to demonize those who legitimately criticize NY-JCRC for empowering its enemies does not sit well with me. However, your position certainly is consistent with the disingenuous rationale given by NY-JCRC. They hide behind "Policy Guidelines" that mandate inclusion of Pro-BDS even though "...JCRC-NY has vigorously and persistently opposed and fought against the BDS movement and boycotts against Israel in any form, including boycotts against products from Judea and Samaria…” Sound good except they WROTE THE GUIDELINES THEY HIDE BEHIND! Pathetic!

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    This is not surprising at all. Adherence to religious belief and tradition is waning in general as generations become less and less dependent on ancient mythology. There continues to be no evidence of the existence of a deity and less need to rely on such beliefs to make it through the day. Furthermore, when any sane adult realizes that the holiday of Passover celebrates God's murdering of innocent children it becomes harder to justify this holiday and the Jewish religion as a whole.