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  • Reply to: Hip Kosher Mason & Mug Closes   3 hours 46 min ago

    the ultimate purpose of a restaurant is to make money for its owners; when their "message" gets in the way, it's time to find another business

  • Reply to: Putting Bukharian Jews on the Map: Yaniv Meirov   8 hours 52 min ago

    Please come close to what his organization accomplished, you have no clue what change CHAZAQ made for the Bukharian communities in Queens, Yaniv being the Head organizer of this successful Organization makes him a leader in every sense of the word.

  • Reply to: The Emmes Of Bibi's Speech   10 hours 33 min ago

    In the classic poem by Ernest Thayer, 'Casey at the Bat', the slugger Casey came up to bat with two out in the ninth inning, hoping to tie or win the game. The hopes of the fans were high, but mighty Casey struck out.
    Netanyahu's address to Congress had all the drama of great theatre or a great poem. Some hoped he would strike out - like Casey. Netanyahu surely disappointed them, because he hit a home run. Yesterday, there was joy for the home team.

  • Reply to: Pelosi: Netanyahu Speech ‘Insult To The Intelligence Of The United States’   10 hours 53 min ago

    Pelosi is full of self-importance, but is widely disregarded and disrespected by the American people. What has she accomplished in all her years in Congress? I know she is a big supporter of migrants from Mexico and Central America, but where is our comprehensive immigration policy to which she gives lip-service?

  • Reply to: Post-Speech, Relations Worsen   11 hours 5 min ago

    'Reaction from the White House was swift and unequivocal. The speech was all “rhetoric,” offering nothing new.'
    This comment is rich, coming from an administration that is pretty much 'all rhetoric' itself, and offers little new.
    Netanyahu's speech was powerful, and accomplished it's purpose. Notice that Kerry has flown off to Saudi Arabia to assure the skeptical Gulf States that an Iranian deal will be good. If they are not buying it, maybe Netanyahu is right.