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    It is probably pointless to reply to you, but I feel compelled to respond in case there is a glimmer of hope that, if only for a brief moment, you might allow in the realization that you may not be "right about everything." Given your ridiculous claim that J Street "wants Israel's safety compromised," I suggest you read what J Street actually does say or talk to people who support J Street. A very large percentage of Israelis also support what J Street says in advocating a two-state solution. In fact even Ben Gurion said in 1967 that we should not hold onto the West Bank. DO you think he wanted to compromise Israel's safety too? And what about the Israeli's today who agree there should be two states. Do they all want Israel's safety compromised? Well . . it's probably hopeless, but maybe you will one day question your (inaccurate) beliefs about other people.

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    Answer to your question: because he lives up to the negative image of Jewish appearance, which seems to make everyone happy ... or almost everyone.

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    You are quite right. Myself I am a part Jewish (1/16)Swede. I am also a devote christian and consider myself fully Swedish. Nobody cares that I am part Jewish. I am also part many other ethnic groups and everybody today is part something. The best way to avoid another holocaust is to do what the Jews in USA and Europe are now doing. Intermarry with Christians and convert to Christianity. In order for Jews to be considered an enemy by the general public they must be clearly different from the main stream community and easily recognizable. If they are not then nobody will hate them. This might of course seem like a bad idea to orthodox jews, but for every body else which are most of the Jews today it's the best choice.

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    All "forms" of Judaism (they are not Judaism, but falsely claim to be Judaism) that contradict Torah in some way, are a threat to themselves for contradicting G-d.
    Also all other religions, except the Seven Noachide Laws as properly interpreted by the Torah, are also a threat to themselves, because they contradict the Torah.
    G-d is all powerful, and cannot be threatened.

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    Netanyahu is a sensible person with years of experience. so he should do the wise decision.

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