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    What a sad day for Judaism. As if an apology for a breach of trust from a rabbi fixes the problem. Rosenblatt is unsuited to be a pulpit rabbi. I don't care if he says he changed his ways. He did something that is wrong, period, and he has lost the right to serve in the job he has. It is awful that his congregants are turning a blind eye, awful that no one is willing to speak out. (Those of you protesting, show some guts and go public with your protests instead of being anonymous.) Everything here has gone wrong.

    Is it any wonder we keep losing frum Jews to assimilation? I wouldn't blame anyone for turning their backs on the Torah in response to this across the board chilul Hashem.

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    Doesn't matter. A crime committed is a crime commited, no matter how long ago it was. He should have been fired years ago. If he were my rabbi, I would never set foot in that shul again till he was out. Shame on him, shame on the congregation. And shame on you for supporting him.

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    Petitioning for the Rabbi to stay, when it causes such obvious grief and shame to other congregants, and victims is the height of narcissism. RJC needs a little more empathy for the naked 12 year old boy with the Rabbi's hand on his thigh.

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    This whole situation makes me very sad. This is a lovely community. I understand the concerns over the rabbi's behavior but they should not be addressed in the court of public opinion. The fact that all the negative innuendo above is in anonymous comments speaks volumes.

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    So the nice rabbi asked boys to meet him for a naked consult. And he did the same with many other men. What's the problem?
    The unhappy congregants should show up to Rosh Hashanah services in the nude, in protest, and should ask: What's the problem?