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    My father, two uncles and my grandfather were all kosher butchers in Brooklyn from the 1940's through 1965, then transitioned to a kosher deli in Massapequa, NY until 1987 (MilJay Kosher Deli). During that time there were about five deli's in Nassau County and everyone did reasonably well until the 1980's when business began to taper off and ownerships began changing.

    I live in Spokane, WA with a small Jewish population of about 1,000 families. Although there are rumors that they would "kill" to have a kosher deli in town, I doubt there would be enough support over time to make it successful. Too many food choices and changing dietary preferences make it tough to fill a niche market. Really sad because I would LOVE to open that deli!

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    Yes, that is exactly what I meant! Whoever wrote this comment --- thanks for clarifying. Happy Passover. Enjoy the sponge cake.

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    This is interesting...especially because I watched a 2 hour documentary this morning on the Spanish Inquisition. They made a point to also say that Spain didn't want the Jews to go either (unlike Moors), so they 'converted' many. Have their cake and eat it too, I suppose...

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    Rabbi Epstein seeks to make lemonade out of lemons. The Conservative movement's growth came largely from the post holocaust generation and their children whose Jewish identification was largely based on nostalgia not observance. That generation is largely gone or retired. The movement has shrunk because it has repeated demonstrated an inability to develop a sufficient base of committed members. Where will Rabbi Epstein's new nucleus come from? Certainly not from its Hebrew Schools or Schechters - the former's inability to provide meaningful Jewish education is universally acknowledged and the latter has largely rejected by most Conservative Jews. The movement made no demands on its members and in return received no commitment from them.

    The shrinkage of Conservative Judaism in America is not a good sign, it is sign of decay. When the movement had the money and size to reshape American Jewry, it spent it's resources on ostentatious buildings and self-aggrandizing institutions. Like the lemon, it leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of those who knew it could have been so much more.

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    Kosher, made by Jews and they give it an ARABIC name?!!

    For that reason alone I will never buy it.

    WHAT in the name of HaShem is WRONG with American Jews? You people have absolutely NO self respect or Jewish pride. Shame on you.