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  • Reply to: An Obama’s Jewish Connection, And Multicultural Journey   16 hours 53 min ago

    Mr. Obama's comments are candid and intriguing. I wanted to learn more about how he became involved in Jewish life and what he did in Israel, why, and how he became so involved in Jewish values and life. As a jazz enthusiast since I was 4 years old, I wonder where I can hear some of his playing. I shall check back here to learn more.

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    would the esteemed rabbi wish to go out into the market in LA to read the torah? is there a particular "market" where he'd like to read it?

    we've adopted the convention of reading in a synagogue because the market might be a bit hostile, and the US Sup Ct might not approve of using public space for a religious service

  • Reply to: New Court Set To Free Agunot   20 hours 21 min ago

    I just spoke with R' Zalman Nechemiah Goldberg, he has no idea who Rabbi Simcha Krauss is, and he denied emphatically any connection with this initiative. He stated clearly that this idea is absolutely forbidden, and the claim that he supported any such idea is a complete sheker (lie). Those were his words.

  • Reply to: So, You Want Your School To Be More Like Camp?   1 day 3 hours ago

    Very true but teaching in done at all different levels and without the hands on experience the kids aren't motivated to learn

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    Where is the proof? They kept saying they will show it.