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    wow, I don't know much about golf, but I have a feeling that saying your article was way below par - since it's about golf - is a compliment (right?!)! True heroes (both Max and parents)and an amazing Kiddush Hashem! Hashem should bring them all home safely!

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    Absolutely inspirational.
    thanks for sharing

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    Dder Andy
    I am in Israel fot the last 10 days
    you words are so helpful at this time
    I am so proud of you and Max and my true prayers for all to come back home beshalom veleshalom
    please keep writing!!!

  • Reply to: Late Nights, From Paris To Madrid   11 hours 4 min ago

    It would seem appropriate to at least mention something Jewish related in doing a travel piece about Paris in The Jewish Week? That said, the timing of this seems a bit inappropriate with all the news of anti-Semitic activities there recently.

  • Reply to: Parents Hopeful New Special Ed Rules Will End Yearly ‘Torture’   11 hours 45 min ago

    This September, I will be attending my 9th year of Impartial Hearings to maintain my special needs child in a private placement due to the inappropriate placement offer by the DOE. I can say it is an arduous process that creates financial and emotional strain on an already depleted family. I appreciate Golda's exacting words as she describes the experience. I believe her to be generous in expressing the personal attacks toward parents being a "sometimes" event. My experience has shown this to be a consistent and planned tactic by DOE representatives. Whether the Mayors initiative will make a difference, I cannot say. Unfortunately, my only reference point is of a system with no accountability or integrity.