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    I don't know if climate change is occurring or not. Maybe it is. But it seems to me that the average person living in the US has nothing to do with it. We don't live in over-sized houses and use kingly quantities of fossil fuels to heat them. Most of us don't drive luxury cars and boats which use lots more petroleum than necessary. We don't frequently fly all over the world in large, CO2 emitting airplanes. It seems to me, the culprits and villains of climate change are the elites in America like Al Gore, Barack Obama, and many US government employees who fly frequently all over the world, using proportionately far more fossil fuels than the rest of us. The first family alone uses more fossil fuel than entire small villages. I am well aware of China's excessive, careless use of dirty fuels and their terrible pollution problems, but I doubt that demonstrations in the US will affect that much. Hopefully, the Chinese will eventually clean up their part of the world. But here in the states, explain to me why big spending government can look at themselves in the mirror and not see that they are the problem.

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    As a parent and a Jew, I was appalled by the story on Chassidic school board in East Ramapo. So much so, it was in my dreams that evening. The Hasids have shown themselves to be greedy bullies, with no concern for others in their community (no concern is an understatement- it is more like complete disdain).
    When their approach has been justifiably challenged, they scream antisemitism and yet they are perpetrating the same kind of oppression on their community that has been visited upon the Jews for thousands of years. They should be ashamed of themselves! What an embarrassment to the Jewish faith and culture.

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    September 22, 2014

    Having read this letter and seen the American Life episode in
    question, I feel a need to comment further.
    First of all, East Ramapo was not the only district in the area
    to suffer Draconian cuts. Many districts in the area suffered the same
    cuts without Hasidic control of the Board. This story should have
    been about two groups struggling for the diminishing resources
    for education. The real answer is to enlarge the pie for education
    for all by obtaining another source for revenue for education other
    antiquated property tax.
    Secondly, if the Board of Education and its supporters were
    selfish, so were their opponents. Remember, the advocates for
    public schools held control until 2009 and did absolutely nothing for
    special needs education for the students in the Hasidic yeshivas.
    They could well have advocated in Albany and Washington for
    an exception on the basis that is the only place where these
    children could receive such services. What is needed is a Board
    of Education that looks after all students both public and private
    in regard to legal. Unfortunately, neither side wants to do that.
    Had the members of the School Board been African American,
    or Hispanic, the focus of the program and the e-mail letters would
    have been far different. That should be the test regarding both.
    The fact that it would have been far different is tragic.


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    It's important to note. Special education students are entitled to extra federal money, about 16,000 per student. If the school district is in charge of the labeling of students, and their testing practices and accounting procedures are not monitored, they could conceivably falsify the documentation and subsidized the general program with the money. Concluding from the piece, the board seems to feel justified in any thing they do.

    As to the mention of antisemitism, you can be totally against the despicable and racist behavior of the leaders of this community or any member that blindly supports them (as I hope many in the community, if they knew the truth of the matter, would not support) without being generally antisemitic. Let those who are guilty of making their religion a reason to act unjustly and inhumanely be judged without undue suspicion that they are not reacting to the treatment, but harboring a general hatred for the race.

    May those who acted in this manner feel the full weight and penalty of justice, and any who would do the same fear such justice and dare not attempt it.

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    MenachemP, thanks for the correction. I've fixed the story. - Amy