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    Every day I feel the pain of the times in my life when I was nasty, violent, jealous, insensitive, and altogether, a bad person. I never forget those moments; they always hurt. Nevertheless, I wake up every day with the hope and intention of being a good, compassionate person. I try, but I am human.
    I have no doubt that every Jew in the world was mortified by the torture and murder of the Arab boy. You are right about losing the moral high ground. But Jews are human. We make mistakes; commit crimes. As soon as I heard about the murder, I knew the heinous crime would be condemned by Jews around the world. I am proud of that. Jews want to be good people. But the missile attacks on Israel's territory continue. Israelis will have to wake up tomorrow and defend their land, trying to be good people. No doubt Jews should hold themselves to the highest standards, but there is also no doubt that serious, ugly lapses will occur.

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    There may be a great story in here, but I couldn't get past this supposedly relevant and matter-of-fact anecdote
    "My mind flashed back to a striking camp memory from July 1977, around the first anniversary of the raid. We were in the dining hall when several men burst through the door. With authentic-looking guns and obscured faces, they shouted at us to put our hands up and marched us single file into the woods above the grounds.

    My fear abated slightly when I recognized one of our captors as the head lifeguard, who handed us ID cards that labelled us Jewish or non-Jewish passengers."

    It's nice that her "fear abated slightly" but the level of irresponsibility and cruelty of whomever was responsible for this "lesson" is hard to see past.

    Today, parents would sue and have the place shut down.

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    I am baffled,considering the efforts that the Rabbis went threw to save our link to our law, that most Jews eyes glaze over at the suggestion of its study.

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    Our igbo people love to live abroad and embrace foreign cultures, and foreign spirituality. They are like the proverbial hunter who goes out to the wild to cut hare for goats while his own kids cry aloud of hunger!. Azi gbakwa ihe ojooo! No shame!! a few misguided folks has peddled this lie for over a decade and are still at it. I wonder when they will stop. For the Records, I Kachi Ihems wishes to state in plain words that we are no jews, The hebrews came from our ancestors and migrated outwards, everyone left from Africa and not the other way round, Anyone who sites or quotes some BIBLICAL verses just to cement this false claim that igbos are jews, would be struck by AMADIAOHA, KAMALU, OJUKWU DIOBU, ALAOGBAGA, CHUKWU ABIAMA ETC. His lineage would be lost abroad forever, his children would end up with foreign ,languages and his properties would be lost to foreigners, ISEEEEEE!. WE ARE PROUD AFRICANS, THE HEBREWS ETC, WERE OUR DESCENDANTS, OUR CULTURAL, LINGUISTIC AND ANTHROPOLOGICAL RECORDS GIVES CREDENCE TO THIS TRUTH.

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    I Am a 81 -year survivor.Many thanks for Mrs. Verhovsjaja the Registrations number.

    Please your information about what time will be the Compensation from HEART PROJECT.Please write me in which newspaper, in wich articel or institution can I
    the NEWS about the actuelle situation of Heart Projekt process.
    Many thanks:
    Mr. Agoston Pal, survivor.