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    As a Jewish mother, who married a man who converted to Judaism before he met me, I feel I have interesting insight. Ironically, my husband converted due to pressure from his ex-wifes parents, a similar scenario. The difference is that my husband converted because he was an anti-catholic. He would have converted to any other branch of Christianity, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu if his ex wife's family pressured. Anybody who converts due to "pressure" clearly was not religious to begin with, they are just going through the motions. There are many members of my synagogue who have one parent that is not Jewish but agreed to allow their children to be raised Jewish. It was so pathetic and filled with hypocrisy when my husbands ex wife just assumed he'd go back to being Catholic after they divorced and initially gave him custody of the kids during all the Christian holidays, lol. It just makes a mockery of the entire process. Being Jewish is not just a religion, it's a cultural and ethnic identity, so raising someone Jewish is not just about G-d. After reading about this case, it is clear this man is using religion as a way of punishing his ex wife and her family. Especially if he does not have primary custody, this is certainly the way. He knows how important raising their child Jewish is to them, so he decided to have the child baptized. Listen, he could have done it privately without them knowing, but he took pictures and notified them! This guy was just pressing buttons, the only ones he knew how to press. I am surprised the priest even did this. Usually the family is consulted and the priest knows about the family situation, so shame on him as well. Joesph Reyes can take his daughter to church all he wants, but the child will never be able to attend Catechism because now the mother will make it very clear that she is not allowed to do so and the church does not want any more lawsuits. Instead, the child will attend Hebrew School and Sunday school which is 3 days per week. All Joseph Reyes can do is take the child to mass occasionally but what's the point? The child will never be able to take communion. If he tries to hype up Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny then the mother will just tell the child they do not exist, that it's just make believe. Let's face it, marriage is a contract in the eyes of the law. Maybe she only agreed to marry him if he converted and if he agreed that the children would be raised Jewish. There is no going back on this. If a Catholic woman married a Jewish man who converted to Catholicism and the same scenario happened, I would think the mother would be livid if dad ruined Christmas and told the kids that Jesus was not the son of G-d. If you keep pushing Mr. Reyes, maybe your ex wife will send your daughter to a private Jewish day school, where she learns about Judaism 30 hours a week. This is a battle he just cannot win. Mr. Reyes, please stop using religion as a way of punishing your ex wife and her family, all you are doing is hurting and confusing your daughter. Marry a nice Catholic girl and please get on with your life.

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    'If they are to fail, let it be Iran and not the United States or Israel that pulls the plug.'
    Does it really matter if the reason for the failure of negotiations is Iran and not the US?
    What is it going to take to get your head out of your dream world, Schakowsky? Of course Iran is going to do what they have to to get nukes. The only thing which will stop them is severe pain or the belief that severe pain is certain to come.

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    Allow me to suggest a speech which will be destructive to the fabric of the relationship between the US and Israel - the planned address to AIPAC by Susan Rice and Samantha Powers. What can they say that will assure and comfort Jews about Iran?

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    'Netanyahu is coming to Washington next week because Obama has left him no choice. And all decent people of good will should support him, and those who do not, and those who are silent, should be called out for their treachery and cowardice.' - Caroline Glick

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    I'm an American following Mr Netanyahu on Twitter and Facebook and the man is fantastic ! He's the winner in Israel's election, hand's down ! Can't wait until he's in DC! I can only dream my country had half the leader he is !