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  • Reply to: Understanding The Mandate   3 hours 56 min ago

    Marjorie Stamm Rosenfeld's contribution is indeed significant given these times. One wonders why Jewish leaders in Israel & the US have not drawn attention to International law in making the case for Israel.
    UN Resolution 242, which should not be confused with International law, but is heavily embraced requires negotiations between Israel and her Arab neighbours [states]. Perhaps if his had been adhered to as opposed to the substitutions of Palestinians, some progress may have ensued.
    The fact that no achievements have resulted from land for peace negotiations over the years is simply because there is no way that the core issues can be compromised. Clearly an entirely different approach is required.

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    " both are the words of the living God" exclude words that are different from any that are already in the Holy Torah, AND ALSO EXCLUDE WORDS WHICH CONTRADICT TORAH, even if SOME people SAY THAT THEY ARE 'words of Torah" (which they are not, otherwise all sorts of sordid ideas would be included in the Torah by unscrupulous people).The words that CONTRADICT what is already in the Holy Torah are forbidden to ALL Jewish people.

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    'Instead, the judges said the 2001 decision to label Hamas as a terror organization was “based not on acts examined and confirmed in decisions of competent authorities but on factual imputations derived from the press and the Internet.”'
    The European court of injustice makes it clear that they have small minds with an over-inflated sense of self importance. The product of their confab is pure evil. I would think it would be easy for them to independently verify the terrorist nature of Hamas by talking to some of the thousands of witnesses in Israel who were bombed. How did Israel come into possession of thousands of spent missiles manufactured in Gaza? Since when is possession of physical evidence derived from the press?

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    The role of humour in mitigating the tension men naturally feel when watching a baby have the most intimate part of his body cut off, just as they did, is an interesting one. It serves as a distraction, it unifies the group, it normalises what is, by any external standard, a very abnormal occurrence.

    No matter how ancient, no matter how beautiful the ceremony around it or how clever the jokes, no matter how much people have suffered for it, no matter how much it is perceived as binding people to their ancestors, no matter how divinely commanded – what is happening at the centre of this is that a baby is held down and part of his genitals are cut off, and they stay cut off for the rest of that person's life, whether he likes it or not. More and more are saying they don't like it. Sooner or later we, the human species, will rise above the wish to cut parts off babies' genitals for whatever reason, and it might as well be sooner. Why not now?

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    In the previews version, there was a misrepresentation that somehow Carlebach's father had been involved in the civil rights movement, either confusing him or deliberately misrepresenting him as the lat Abraham Joshua Heschel.

    Hopefully, that naarishkeit has been cleaned out of the new release