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    Smart words from Rabbi Burg, and all of this needs to happen. I hope the Freundel case is the tipping point, in favor of the children. Everybody has to cooperate, across the spectrum of the Jewish communal structure.

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    there is a great problem here that was barely mentioned and glossed over. There were many young men and women who DID tell full stories about experiences with both Lanner and Freundel and were not believed. If a young woman who was interning for a rabbi and she reported that the rabbi consistantly answered his door to her in his underwear, who would believe her? There were many warning signs like this over the years but young women only spoke about it to each other because no one in power believed them. What gas to be dealt with is the credibility and BELIEVING usually women when they report something. It is the system. When Baruch Lanner was reported to Rebbitzin Stolper in 1977 by a young girl, Rebbitzin Stolper just patted the girls hand and said, "there, there dear. We know and are taking care of it." B.S. Again, the entire system has to change. Rabbi Berg is just putting a band aid on a broken limb.

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    I hope your story will encourage others to find out why it is that Chabad has such a love for a fellow Jew. But we don't have an exclusive on this. Learning Chabad Chassidut is the gateway for every Jew to reach the same place.

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    Dear Gary, as a well-informed Jew who still is learning yet who confesses to question the existence of god, I feel much as you do about the love and joy I've experienced in associating with Chabad shluchim. Eleven years ago, my son (now in grad school) had a very haimish bar mitzvah at Chabad in Sacramento. My friends and some of my Reform Jewish family were shocked. I ordered lots of regulation halav Yisroel cheese, sour cream and cream cheese from Los Angeles. I bought cookies at the kosher Grand Bakery in Oakland. Everything else was prepared by me and some friends in the Chabad kitchen the day before. I continue to slip into the simple, comforting sanctuary for High Holidays and a Saturday morning every now and then. I now believe sitting with the women is a form of feminism. I also give them a little money, not that there's a lot to spare. Whenever I'm in another country, I look for some warmth at a Chabad. On a social level, these folks are way too conservative for me, but they make me feel like I truly am part of a special people. Besides, they talk like my grandparents did back in the day in New York.
    I enjoy your columns a lot.

    Elaine Corn
    Contributor, "Views on Food" op-eds, The Sacramento Bee
    Contributor, food reporting, Capital Public Radio

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    Thank you. Beautiful article, and thank you for taking the time to write it, and share with us and helping us to be inspired too!