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    Totally agree.

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    I totally agree with you. What makes them Jewish? As for me, I am glad Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph were not aborted.

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    Their all nuts.

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    I entered the rabbinate to make a change in the world. As a holocaust survivors' kid I wanted to make ' never again ' a reality. For over 41 years as a Rabbi I have been outspoken on radio, T.V. the press, face book , my published books and yes the pulpit. Do I recommend that young rabbis and seminary graduates do this, my answer is absolutely 'no.' This is a recipe for being fired, being attacked in the press and having few friends. People consider you a loose cannon. However, some of us are born with the desire to make changes and feel that politics is essential in the Rabbinate. I did not agree with the rabbis who walked out on Trump, since I am Rabbi for Trump, however I respected them for having the guts and courage to do so. Some of the same rabbis may have or will attack me in the press and that is fine. Firing a rabbi who is excellent in the pulpit happens often for many reasons including a congregant or board who want him or her out for a political statement or action. I pray for all of us rabbis who give our lives to our congregations and in the end get the shaft. I write this to give encouragement to rabbis who are outspoken and politically active. I am certain most will disagree with me and will state there should be separation between the pulpit and religion. I am now retired and if I had to do it all over again , I would have tried to learn from my mistakes , however I would have remained outspoken. A special merit should go to all the rabbis' wives and their families, but especially to those whose parents and spouses are outspoken. RABBI DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG

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    Check out what Yoni Ben Menachem wrote about the Israel-Turkey agreement, “Hamas will now be able to market Turkey’s achievements in the negotiations to the Gaza public as achievements of its own, which will make life easier for the population. This, in turn, will help bolster Hamas’ status in Gaza.”