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    Dear “ Completely Disheartened” (BELOW)
    You are barking up the wrong tree. You have invented a set of circumstances that do not exist.
    Various contributors have made comments to enhance the lives of the people with “homosexual tendencies” so that those people will be inspired with inner strength to change their direction and let go of the “homosexual” thoughts and or behavior, as is set out in the Holy Torah. These people are mature adults who in their inner core love the Torah and they have come together as a sort of psychological device to feel strength, but it is a weakness if they do not overcome their “weakness” of “homosexual tendencies”.

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    Honored rabbi, doctor, top commenter, shlita

    "Everything I predicted did occur." Oh my, that's pretty impressive in light of the fact that Chazal teaches that the spirit of nevuah (prophecy), was taken away after the destruction of the Second Temple.

    Question: Since you seem to feel that you can predict the future, why do you say "as soon as the Republican candidate is decided"? Given your divine powers to predict 'everything' about the future, don't you know already who the candidate will be?

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    If Bloomfield is a lawyer, he may be qualified to write an article on this subject. If he is not, he should keep his uninformed opinion to himself. My opinion is that there are way too many lawsuits in the US, very many of which are not justified. If a law can be written which gives legal protection to small businesses from lawsuits by the 'grievance industry', than I am in favor of it. Lawsuits by self-proclaimed 'victims' are epidemic and will destroy this country. Ellen Pao sued Kleiner Perkins for millions of dollars claiming she was not promoted to partner because she was a woman. She lost the lawsuit because she forgot the 1st rule of business. She was not qualified. When she got on the witness stand, she had just one job. Convince the jury that she was so impressive that she WAS a partner at a multi-billion dollar investment portfolio company. That job has very little to do with the degree from Harvard, the Ph D from Stanford, or anything else in her resume. She had to sparkle; exude competence, prove achievement, and be likable. She had to demonstrate that she was worth a few million. She didn't do that. She had to make the jurors believe that even if she lost her suit, she could go out tomorrow and pull down a multi-million dollar job. She didn't do that. Jurors know that you have to be VERY GOOD to be worth several mil. The jury just didn't think she was as good at her job as she thought she was.

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    Let me see if I understand the math. Willie steals $9 million to fund a lavish lifestyle. He is ordered to pay back $3 million, but much of that sum (say, $2 million) is paid by his supporters and only about $1 million is paid with his own funds. So, he nets $ 8 million for his crime. What exactly is the deterrent value of his punishment?

    Nice to see that so many of his supporters felt compelled to write to the sentencing judge. Were the victims of his crimes, that is, the people who were supposed to receive much needed services that the Met Council provides, were those people allowed to provide a victim impact statement? Unlike the A-list of people who testified on behalf of Willie, the victims of his crime were the most vulnerable members of society.

    Question for the donors to the "let's help Willie" campaign: Wouldn't your donation have made a more meaningful difference to the lives of the people that Willie stole from? Aren't you rewarding bad behavior? What was the source of the money that you contributed to Willie -- was it your personal bank account, or did it come from the budgets of your organizations?

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    Who the **expletive deleted** is Lena Dunham? Never mind. I don't want to know.