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  • Reply to: Hillary Clinton For President   16 hours 10 min ago

    Why does the U.S. Jewish community think it is smarter about politics than the Israelis? The Wikileaks revelations are proving that the U.S. Jewish community is deaf, dumb, and blind to Clinton's lies, negligent handling of secret documents, and pay-for-play Clinton Foundation. In my humble opinion, Clinton will drive our country down to Third World level. I want to move to Israel now. I think Hillary might motivate my wife to make the same decision.

  • Reply to: New Jewish Super PAC For Hillary Set To Launch   17 hours 22 min ago

    What a POS organization

  • Reply to: UNESCO Head Further Distances Herself From Jerusalem Resolution, As New Measure Looms   20 hours 46 sec ago

    It is a distortion to continue to claim that the recently proposed UNESCO resolution denies Jewish (or Christian) history associated with the Temple Mount when it does no such thing.

    The proposed resolution clearly acknowledges both a Jewish and Christian connection to the Temple Mount, but makes claim that Israel is not fulfilling its obligation to properly care for Muslim holy sites on the mount.

    This continued distortion lessens your, and certain Israeli's, credibility.

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    The Palestinians existed before Jordan did and did not live where Jordan now is. They lived in an area which was occupied by Jordan for a short time - That does not make them any more Jordanian than in makes them Israeli because they are currently occupied by Israel.

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    For those who followed me throughout Trumps campaign, you are now seeing that almost everything I predicted is coming true. The liberal Rabbis are tearing him to shreds. I am the only Rabbi I know of fighting for him in the media. Most papers refuse to interview me while they do lengthy interviews with liberal Rabbis and Jewish institutions. I have been attacked by democrats and republicans; I am fighting for your rights. If elected Hillary will have to cater to the left; if both houses are democrat she will need to appease the liberals. This means trouble for Israel and we conservatives.  We have a few days left. Please contact the media and try to get me interviewed. Rabbi for Trump