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  • Reply to: No Joke: A Rabbi Is The Pope’s Official Funny Man   12 hours 34 min ago

    The biggest joke is that this guy calls himself a rabbi, but "reform rabbis" are simply not rabbis as reform is not Judaism. Does the pope care?-no.

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    Mr Kaplan wrote a poignant and dramatic column, but, it's based on projection, not necessarily facts.
    The facts are that the Gerrer Rebbe is 77 years old and not in the greatest health. So, I find it uplifting and inspiring that he sent an aide to apologize.

    PS I am modern orthodox, not chasidic.

  • Reply to: Howard Stern Rips Roger Waters Over BDS Support   15 hours 49 min ago

    It is obvious that Waters is a hater, and I applaud Howard Stern for pointing it out.
    'In the letter to Bon Jovi, Waters accused the singer of standing “shoulder to shoulder” with “the settler who burned the baby,” referring to the arsonists, thought to be Jewish extremists, who firebombed a Palestinian home in August, killing a toddler and several family members.'
    No one is perfect. Everyone is a sinner. Every nation makes mistakes and sometimes crimes are committed by citizens. Since Waters is not too bright, I feel obligated to remind him of these basis facts of life. The US just mistakenly bombed a Doctors without Borders hospital in Afghanistan killing and injuring innocent men, women, and children. Some people have called this a war crime, but it was not. It was a terrible mistake which happens in war. When an honest person (not Waters) looks at all the countries of the world, Israel stands out as a beacon of morality and decency, despite its flaws.

  • Reply to: Friendship, Asperger's Syndrome and Jewish Observance   16 hours 26 min ago

    Wonderful story of strength and overcoming challenges! I'm just beginning to study Judaism, although my husband was raised in a Reform congregation. Mabel Tov to you!

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    The assertion that had the rebbe been a leader he should have gotten out of his car to personally apologize to a woman for a member of his staff keeping her blocked in a parking lot without the rebbe's knowledge a question ( ie. rebbe was not told that the woman was forced to give birth in her car on account of the transgression, rather she had to wait)...but even the REMAINING question ( IF there is indeed a question left) is riddled by unknowns. Here are just 2 of them:(1) we don't know if the rebbe was ever actually told what happened or if a staffer told the chassid to tell the girl this. (2) if the response actually came from the Rebbe himself we HAVE NO IDEA AT ALL, nor can we, as to how the story was actually conveyed to the rebbe and so we dont HAVE AN IDEA ON HOW TO JUDGE his response; what is the likelihood the rebbe was actually told she was forced to wait 30 minutes, that she was visibly very upset?
    Just these 2 unknowns alone make the assertion of lack of leadership a totally dubious one.

    As a side note:Rav Chaim Kanievsky doesn't talk to women, and his father the Steipler Rav didnt talk to women, and I'm not sure but I think Rav Aharon Leib Shteinman doesn't talk to women. We could wonder how big the transgression of one of their staff would have to be to result in their speaking to a woman to apologize for one of their staff ( a practice that might require hataras nedarim to discontinue )