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  • Reply to: Progressives Reflect On Anti-Semitism In Their Midst   13 hours 34 min ago

    Jews (progressives) should be smart enough to realize that when the progressive standing next to you is calling Israel nazi scum, it is time to leave.

  • Reply to: Meddling Again Or Just A Courtesy?   13 hours 38 min ago

    'Maybe the Trump Tower meeting will help shake loose more of Sheldon's shells.'
    OMG. This guy Bloomfield is as bad as many of the anti-semites who post on the internet. I can't even believe it.

  • Reply to: Amid Terror, Refugee Advocates Seek Balance   15 hours 55 min ago

    The statement that the white nationalist movement likes Trump shows unfair bias against him. Imagine if an article about Hillary Clinton said that communists and violent extremist leftist radicals support her. That does not make her a violent person. Sure there are radicals that support Trump but a lot of non-violent American patriots support him as well and he does not share the anti-Semitic hatred of some of his fringe supporters.

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    The author quoted Mark Hetfield, president and CEO of HIAS, as saying all refugees admitted and settled in the United States are “vetted and cleared.” James Comey the director of the FBI has said that it is impossible to vet them you can see Mr. Comey saying that in this video . Who are we to believe the director of an organization that gets paid for every refugee that comes into the country or the head of the FBI?

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    Bibi, once again you become a 'shanda for the goyim' and an embarrassment to Israel. You've had such a long term chance to move Israel forward, but have contributed bubkas. A pity.