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  • Reply to: Michael Bloomberg Set To Endorse Hillary Clinton   12 hours 28 min ago

    I don't think Bloomberg's endorsement will help Hillary. This election is about elites and common folk, the status quo and real change. Bloomberg wants to continue life in America as he knows it. The problem the majority of average Americans have is that they don't like the path we are on. They are not benefitting. They want change.

  • Reply to: N.Y. Delegation Weighs In On DNC Email Scandal   15 hours 14 min ago

    Folks, the Democratic Party aspires to lead this country at the highest levels, yet they can't keep their emails secure and private! That is outrageous incompetence! Americans are sick and tired of incompetence in government. I would expect to be fired if I made mistakes like that in my job.

  • Reply to: Ex-Georgia Congresswoman: Israel Responsible For Nice And Munich Terror Attacks   15 hours 25 min ago

    ADL poll of anti-semitic attitudes in America: 'African-Americans: For many years, anti-Semitic views among the African-American have remained consistently higher than the general population. In 2013, 20 percent of African-Americans expressed strongly anti-Semitic views, an encouraging decrease of nine percentage points from the previous survey in 2011.'

    Cynthia McKinney lost my respect a long time ago. I think the attitudes toward Jews of a wider swathe of Americans is significant because they suggest where our friends are likely to come from.

  • Reply to: My Waking Nightmare: A Trump Presidency   17 hours 17 min ago

    Ms. Mogilnik, with all due respect, if you are worried about the incivility of discourse in America today, and the unleashing of dark political forces against Jews and other minorities, then I suggest that you look in the mirror. You just used the words 'Hitler', 'nazi', and 'satan' in the majority of paragraphs in your article and associated those words with Donald Trump. There should be no mystery why some Trump supporters are angered by articles like yours and sometimes respond with offense. It is totally clear to me that Trump is not anti-semitic. His beloved daughter converted to Judaism. How could he possibly do business in New York real estate for decades and be anti-semitic? Please allow me this analysis. Your thinking is standard, Democratic Party slogans that are rolled out against the Republican opposition every election cycle. I'm sure you are a delightful person but your argument is not new and it is not true. It is political propaganda.

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    Hillary's close connection to Max Blumenfeld and his raving anti semetic son makes her a far worse choice for Israel then Trump, whose daughter and closest advisor is Jewish.