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    If you'd like to see more about what goes on at these ''die-ins,'' and what specifically occurred at my school last week, feel free to check out this Youtube video I put together with footage from the die-in. The hate must stop.

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    This is a good article with some strong insights. Cant help but feel, however, that the author has glossed over the fact that this initiative is as much about unity as it is about “outreach”, and that on this count at least, from what I’ve heard, it seems to be working much better than the article suggests.

    Lipman also seems to be suggesting that Temple Beth-El and Temple Israel in Great Neck are freak, isolated examples. Temple Beth Sholom (Miami Beach’s largest Reform synagogue), Temple Emanuel (also in Miami) and Shearith Israel (Dallas’s largest Conservative synagogue with a congregation of thousands) are all promoting the Shabbat Project, as are high-profile Reform and Conservative leaders such as Rabbi Efrat Zarren-Zohar and Rabbi Analia Bortz – and these are just the ones I’ve read about. Frankly, I think the fact that any Conservative or Reform leaders are promoting full halachic Shabbat observance is itself staggering. And let’s not forget, this is only the first year.

    I've heard estimates that a couple hundred thousand Jews are going to observing Shabbat for the first time next week, and Israeli media has reported a total of one million Jews around the world who will be participating in the initiative together – and if that does in fact turn out to be the case, then I think this Shabbat Project can be considered a success by anyone’s definition of the word.

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    Synagogue of Constanta

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    Gut Gekuzt!

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    Dr Heschel wrote the piece in the Clinton years not to justify or defend Bill but to attempt to take the issue out of the religious sphere and leave it in the political where it belonged; apparently, few in the press can discern the nuance because they're used to playing to an uninformed readership.