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    I look forward to see what he says, as opposed to the one sided report on american life.

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    let's rephrase it alittle.
    the activist want:
    1) Hasidim should forego their political interests and rights, even though nobody else is expected to do that.
    2) Jews be punished extra-judicially for looking after their interests and those of the community through legal mechanisms at their disposl, even though other groups have other priorities which they pursue and defend to the best of their abilities.
    3) That Jews should be forced to provide audio clips even though nobody else should. (I am sure you have some examples that are revolting, you are apparently not intimately familiar with the community, so your examples are not statistically significant, i.e. representative.
    4) That politicians who cater to interest groups (which includes all politicians) not do so for Jews, but should continue to do so for everyone else.
    5) If this is what Israelis say about Chasidim, then it is unjustified hatred, and you should be very ashamed... of yourself.

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    I listened to the program. I found it to be very one sided and unfair.
    To begin, the lawyers sound so nasty, it is almost impossibe to fathom.
    The executive sessions sound bizarre, but I am not familiar with standard protocol in these types of meetings.
    However, many points and claims against the hasidim are unfair and unreasonable and unfounded.
    1) Regarding special needs kids, the public schools can't provide what is needed even in more optimal situations. To be sure, at least in NYC, many have tried it and it was unsuccessful. Now imagine the absurdity of taking a child with severe challenges and put him in an alien environment where he doesn't even speak the language well. It would be a waste of time and money, and probably somewhat destructive.
    2) Everyone pays property taxes, but if the large majority of kids in the district are not being served by them, it is irresponsible to the district as a whole to charge the same as and increase as in other districts, where the vast majority use the system. Nobody is saying not to fund it, but prioritize it appropriately according to the needs of the majority. That is how democracy works. It is poor journalism to accuse/imply a community is acting badly, compared to other districts, when there are vastly different needs in each.
    3) anti-semitism - nobody will admit to being an anti-semite publically, but we must use a discerning eye. kids asking their teachers why jews are bad, undoubtedly picked it up from their parents. parents who spew hatred when they are negatively effected by unfortunate developments, and refuse to see the other side's perspective, is an anti-semite.
    4) It would be interesting to see how many went to yale under the previous school boards as opposed to now, not that it would change anything, but we would at least be able to see if their property taxes were well spent.
    5) the nurse at mt. sinai knows in her heart they would walk over her before helping her. sounds like anti-semitism to me.

    There is more, but with that said, I see a unique situation, one in which it is unfair to expect others to hand over money to be used by those who have no interest in serving the taxpayers, and and have no responsibility towards them, especially when they are the large majority in the district. In every other district, the majority uses the system, so it is not comparable to this case.
    With that said, it is unfortunate that peope are suffering, and not getting along. May peace return and a reasonable solution be found.

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    Having heard about the episode regarding this American
    Life and reading the comments below this article, I feel
    a strong sense of disgust against what is bigotry against
    Hasidic Jews ( I am by no means a Hasid ).
    First, whether or not the Board violated the law is
    to be determined either by a Court or the state appointed
    monitor. Just because the actors are Hasidim and minorities
    does not necessarily mean the Hasidic members of
    Board of Education.
    Secondly, even if the Board violated the law does not
    mean that all Hasidim. This is implied both in This American
    Life and the letters below the article. Had the Board members
    been African American or Hispanic, these type of comments
    would properly be assailed as racist.
    Thirdly, because the Hasidim attend their own private
    schools does not mean that they are not entitled to
    the educational benefits they are entitled to. They
    live in East Ramapo and vote. Maybe rather than
    vitriol, the people opposed to the Board of Education
    should vote.
    As a final note, many of people who founded this
    country were from religious groups who wish to
    be separate. Knowing the tragic history of the Hasidim
    in Europe, Hasidim should be left alone and allowed to
    develop on their own. The failure to do that is a
    form of bigotry.

    September 15, 2014.
    Fair Lawn, NJ

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    I grew up in Forest Hills, New York. At the Knish Nosh, I would stop to buy their liver knishes. They were the best and the only ones to make liver knishes. After stopping there one day, I had to return them as they were rancid. I bought them again a few weeks and the same thing happened. When I stopped there a few months later, they had discontinued making liver. What a disappointment.