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    I think this is well-intentioned - most Jews in the diaspora have always been pretty liberal and social minded.
    If this could take place in Israel then that would signify real progress - Israeli jews have moved farther to the right and have many xenophobia problems.
    To the above posters - If there was an equitable solution achieved with the palestinians, most of the arab states would open up diplomatic ties to Israel. With the palestinian situation solved, islamic radical militancy and aggression would die out - palestinians just want to work and buy a house and raise their kids too.
    Israel has also been dealing with the various arab countries, using back alley channels, for decades - it is only the palestinian situation that prevents full relations. If there was open peace and trade between the Israelis and arabs, the middle east would become a dominant hi-tech and manufacturing region in the world. Israeli intelligence and inventiveness combined with arab/muslim energy and man-power, would rival the asian countries in economic growth and power.
    It's time for the children of Abraham to get it together and take charge.

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    yes, and even the way he Times words its headlines about the situation. I think your assessment is much too kind.

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    Jews can be so brilliant in science, technology, medicine. Why are they so stupid when it comes to politics? What nonsense is this: "demonstrating that Jews and Muslims have much in common, and can enjoy each others’ food and company." Oh, sure, let's eat together and then think that the Moslems don't have any sacred doctrines which command them to either kill the Jews or subjugate them to Islamic rule. Eating together will make all those nasty sacred commandments just go away.

  • Reply to: Is Fatah-Hamas Marriage On The Rocks?   1 day 19 hours ago

    They love each other and finally they got married. So, we should not make this a buzz anymore. Hope they will be happy.

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  • Reply to: False Equivalency   1 day 22 hours ago

    I completely agree, but I wonder how and why it took you, a very intelligent person, so long to discover the glaring bias of the New
    York Times.
    This applies not only to the content of its articles but even how they
    are placed. Anything negative appears on the front page, positive items are buried inside.
    The organization CAMERA has pointed this out - and documented - for a long time.
    Ernest Seinfeld