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    I too have watched the documentary on Albert. I am a Jew. I was moved to tears when I considered his sacrifices. He was a man of humble means, rejecting the obvious luxuries and rewards he could have gained to live a plump life. For me, when he was being paid for his work as an engineer and manager, and a healthy sum at that - well, having that money channelled in to various private accounts that were then used to smuggle Jews out of Nazi occupied Europe. This says something about the man. He gave all he could and he died penniless. More telling is that in later life, he was financially supported by some of the survivors he rescued. I sincerely hope that Yad Vashem, honours Albert as being worthy to stand amongst the other heroes of Chasidei Umot Ha’Olam. Not just for what he did then, but for what he means now and what he will mean in the future. For if he could inspire just one more person to do the same, and that person another, and another and another. Then truly, it is a gift of G_d to us all that we let the brave know, they are never alone.

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    Bill! I am touched by the way you've dealt with this issue despite all that you've been through in your life!

    I do agree with your view that the Swastika has its own power to bless those who use it for good, and to curse those who use it for evil! God bless you man!

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    Maybe in the Western world, but NOT in Asia where most see it differently! Trying to force such a ban on many Asian countries will bring out cries of "cultural/political imperialism" and "racism" and "hypocrisy" and what not which might further complicate global geopolitics!

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    A few times, Rabbi Burg uses the word "ombudsman" while strongly suggesting that there *was* no ombudsman, but rather he or his associate handled all matters. That's not what "ombudsman" means.

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    Why should the heirs of the VICTIMS of the Holocaust pay for home care, food, medical care (all extremely worthy programs), for the holocaust victims, instead of the German Government itself, which perpetrated the crimes in the first place? I realize that was then and this is now, but this seems a bit hypocritical. Also, why should the ARTWORK (Picasso's, Renoir's Monet's worth $1.2 Billion) be returned to the original owners, while the owners of LAND confiscated by the Nazis under the SAME circumstances are getting NOTHING. Please explain.