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    My son Zachary made Aliyah and became a lone soldier in Givati. He was a Sargent Commander and was in Gaza for Cast lead. The only thing that helped me feel the pain of my son being alone in a war zone was the love of the Jewish people. He met a wonderful woman from St. Louis who also made Aliyah and it was Nechama Dina who was able to comfort me as to his well being. I have cried for each soldier who died in Israel but my tears are special for those brave men and women who put their lives where they believed was a greater good. I embrace their families in my soul for eternity.

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    Thank you for sharing your experience. I pray for you, your family and Max's safety and well being. Please let us all pray for the soldiers and for peace.

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    '...said J Street exec Jeremy Ben-Ami, “There is nothing ‘right’ in punishing a million-and-a-half already suffering Gazans for the actions of the extremists among them.'

    By one Israeli account, the typical tunnel cost $1 million to build over the course of several years, using tons of concrete desperately needed for civilian housing. By design, many of the tunnels have entrances in the heavily populated Shijaiyah district, where the Israeli offensive has been concentrated. One was found underneath al-Wafa hospital, where Hamas also located a command post and stored weapons, according to Israeli officials.

    Only highly paid leaders of organizations and over-inflated gas bags can get through life without a smidgen of understanding. 1) The million and a half Gazans voted for the extremists. You don't get to say 'the Palestinians deserve democracy' then say 'the Palestinians suffer because of the government they elected'. 2) By the latest count I've seen, there are over 66 tunnels - many in populated areas. The cost is more than 66 million dollars and thousands of Gazans had to know. It is the lamest of crippled excuses to blame Hamas's war on Israel as the work of a few extremists. 3) Clearly, it is impossible to deny with a straight face, that Gaza exists solely as a military enterprise of the Palestinian people, dedicated to the destruction of Israel. Nothing else explains their allocation of scarce resources and the network of tunnels. Every Gazan knows what is going on in their hospitals, their schools, and their mosques, and every Gazan is responsible. The German's didn't get to say in WW2 'you Allies are immoral for bombing us because it was this extremist Hitler's fault.'

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    wow, I don't know much about golf, but I have a feeling that saying your article was way below par - since it's about golf - is a compliment (right?!)! True heroes (both Max and parents)and an amazing Kiddush Hashem! Hashem should bring them all home safely!

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    Absolutely inspirational.
    thanks for sharing