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  • Reply to: Ronnie Fein Reviews: Queen Of Tuna-brand Tuna Fish Sauce   10 hours 49 min ago

    Michelle Margules (below ) is correct.
    Not only is fish or even fish sauce) prohibited to be mixed, cooled or eaten together with meat, because it is not kosher, but to do that is a "sakana" a huge and immediate danger to the person's life.
    So no meat and fish together.
    Also best to have some parve food to eat between fish and meat, BUT no water immediately after fish as THAT TOO is "sakana".

  • Reply to: Breaking The Ramadan Fast In The Company Of Jews   13 hours 13 min ago

    We do not do interfaith.
    We are peaceful people who have to protect ourselves.
    The way to do it is to stay at home and eat kosher.
    If people of other faiths want to be peaceful to us they too can do it in their own homes without our help if they are sincere.
    The people of other faiths must understand that our Torah does not allow us to eat together woth them or to do interfaith, it is as simple as that.
    We do appreciate when people of other faiths show solidarity with us, but we would appreciate it far more if the solidarity they showed to us was under the banner of the Seven Noachide Laws for all the gentile people, and not their 'faiths'.

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    What sympathy That is not likely

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    I beg your pardon who are the terrorists why don't Israel stop occupying there land and let them live in freedom what goes around comes around be afraid be very afraid iran is coming for you

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    It's a MOVIE! It's not real. Fools.