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  • Reply to: Charedi Leader Opens Door On Metzitzah   2 hours 41 min ago

    Since 73% of adults have herpes, the idea to disallow any mohel with herpes from doing MBP would end 73% of all mohels (who do MBP) from being a mohel in the communities that insist on MBP as part of their religious circumcision (bris milah) practice.

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  • Reply to: Bibi's Congress Speech Transcript   13 hours 15 min ago

    O.K. That is a great speech. That is why this speech was always the right decision. Thank you, Mr. Netanyahu.

  • Reply to: Post-Speech, Relations Worsen   13 hours 45 min ago

    It's a moot point now, but if sanctions were strengthened instead of partially removed, we would have had a better chance at a "good" deal. Not Barack Hussein's style though. Regardless, let's hope that there is a peaceful option to disarm a nuclear Iran.

  • Reply to: Concessions On Both Sides In City’s New Bris Policy   15 hours 4 min ago

    How disturbingly barbaric. This practice not only verges on pedophilia, it should also be classified as torture to mutilate a baby boy's genitals. Even if I'm wrong about that and there is no way that I am, unless of course someone is looking at this through their religion colored glasses, what would be the harm in allowing a male to grow to the age of consent so that they can decide whether to do this on their own? Why take away someone's right to have an intact body? When someone asks what the harm of religion is, this practice is a perfect example and will be used by future generations to ward people away from being religous. De Blasio and those that practice this horrific activity are essentially saying that because some people have done this for a long time and believe it is a good thing, the people that want to do it should be allowed to continue until they are found to have already harmed a child by giving them a communicable disease. Take the religion out of this equation and look at it for what it is please. Babies shouldn't be subject to torture and mutilation and should be guaranteed every chance to avoid contracting a disease. While revoking the consent forms really doesn't change anything, De Blasio should take the side of the innocent babies that may have never wanted to be circumcised and for sure wouldn't ever want to be put at risk for a disease. Sometimes, religious practices must go away for the good of humanity, much like the witch burnings and hopefully the Islamic extremist beheadings and this is clearly one of those times.