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  • Reply to: Responding To Merry Christmas   2 hours 2 min ago

    What is harm in wishing anyone one
    Merry Chritmas.It dosen't matter whether we celebrate it or not.We should take every festival as a time of celebration thats what I think.

  • Reply to: New Book Traces Knish History   4 hours 45 min ago

    Early 1950's, Coney Island boardwalk, not far from Seagate, we would watch the knishes being made at Shatskin's (?). In the 60's - 70's verrry good knishes at the
    kosher pizza restaurant in Boro Park, Brooklyn (where I grew up).Still there???
    The best ones I've had recently are at the Festival Flea Market on Sample Rd.
    Coconut Creek, Florida.

  • Reply to: When Journalists Are The Story   7 hours 30 min ago

    Thank you for this piece. We are in a sorry state. Last week I heard a story on NPR about Muslims who are just beside themselves with frustration about the media not covering their distress and their efforts to try to distance themselves from fundamentalist Islam. We are not alone in our frustration. But what's a reader to do?

  • Reply to: Get To Work   22 hours 7 min ago

    I've been getting enough of this from my mother and now from my sister. But Rabbi, now from you too?

  • Reply to: Landmark Day For Flatbush Conservative Synagogue   1 day 1 hour ago

    Good article. It's worth mentioning that the shul has an absolutely fabulous cantor, Sam Levine!