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  • Reply to: This American Life Takes On East Ramapo School Kerfuffle   3 hours 36 min ago

    Being a non-Jew, I was left wondering why the selfish and oppressive actions taken by the Hasidic dominated school board didn't produce an outcry and corrective measures among Jewish leaders ? Surely, these condemnable actions do not agree with teachings in the Torah.

  • Reply to: Think Like A Philanthropist This High Holy Day Season   4 hours 36 min ago

    Excellent analysis on a very important issue. In this time of severe national security concerns including a heighten risk of terrorism in Israel, Europe, and Israel, plus ongoing economic problems, charitable giving is a significant was to improve these situation.

  • Reply to: Orthodox Must Fight Sexual Abuse   9 hours 13 min ago

    Someday we will be able to call it directly what it is. We will be able to say "victims of child molesters" instead of "victims of sexual abuse." We will be able to define the problem as "child molesters" rather than "child sexual abuse." Child sexual abuse is a term for a crime defined by severity and by age. Child molesters are the problem.

  • Reply to: ‘I Have The Right To Love Who I Love’   10 hours 25 min ago

    You've quite literally shown how it is merely one step, or rather spouse, away from that. If that isn't alarming, I don't know what is.

  • Reply to: Standing Our Ground On Wearing Kipot In Public   14 hours 12 min ago

    Sorry, have to caution against the Rabbi's conclusion. Is it not contradictory to say that wearing a kipa is non-negotiable, and then to talk of prudence. On the street, who can tell when a hate-filled person will attack? I wear a hat, just as my paternal grandfather did back through the mid-60s.