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    As a Presbyterian, I love and value the relationships with many of my Jewish colleagues and we often work together on local issues of justice and social concern. But when it comes to Israel/Palestine, we seem to hit a wall. What is the end game here? Presbyterians are not de-legitimizing Israel, Israel is doing this with their continuing occupation and growing settlements and demolition of homes and land confiscation and a host of injustices.

    As David Ben-Gurion is credited with saying, Israel wants 3 things, the land, a Jewish state, and a democracy. But they can only have 2 of the 3. Right now it seems that Israel is trying to have all three and in so doing, Israel will erode its credibility and status and legitimacy in the world. Those of us who are working for justice and peace want to see Israel survive and thrive within safe and secure and internationally recognized borders. We are trying to save Israel from the very thing you are accusing us of doing - de-legitimacy.

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    As a Presbyterian Seminary graduate and Bible teacher for nearly 30 years, and having visited Israel twice, I am distraught about the recent actions of the PCUSA. It is not only the divestment issue which is outrageous but what is most certainly a rising tide of anti-Semitism that is deplorable. Every Christian should abhor this behavior and speak against it with every opportunity. And I do!

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    Bomb Gaza till there are no more Hamas people alive. Tell the civiiansthey must leave Gaza or go to areas that do not have Hamas people ( if you can call them people)living there.We will never have peace as long as they are alive. They are no better the the naziz

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    This dialogue may be useful from a social and political view, but hardly from a religious view. The bottom line for most Jews is: Most Christian denominations at their heart hope for the eventual elimination of the: Jewish religion in the "end of days"; Jewish self-understanding of its own history and scripture; and acceptance of the universal Christian view that religion and land do not mix negating claims to the Land of Israel. This of course is counter to the traditional Jewish view of self-definition. For the plurality of the 42% of the Jewish people in Israel (and growing), its high birth rate, and the decline of the Jewish Diaspora, the traditional Jewish view will continue to be self-definitional and self-fullfilling. It is time for all Christians to accept Jewish self-definition and for all Jews to not allow a Christian vote on that. It is G-d given, ours, we earned it; and, on this, it is even praise worthy to be "stiff necked".

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    I read your article with great interest. My son completed his service as a chayal boded in a combat unit a few years ago and I can verify that the army does NOT provide all necessities. When serving on the freezing windswept northern border on Har Dov, the skimpy winter jackets were close to useless. When in scorching Nabi Musa, the special cooling undergarments were no luxury. This article seems to give a shoutout to FIDF. My son determined, that the organization Yashar LaChayal was the most efficient and effective in getting necessary gear to soldiers. In addition, all donations go directly to IDF troops since organization costs are covered by a magnanimous donor. No, I am not a friend, relative, etc of Yashar LaChayal, just a very very grateful mom. FIDF takes in many multiple millions of dollars and if the money actually went to the soldiers, they and their bases would be outfitted with every possible necessary accoutrement.