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    'Dan Schueftan of Haifa University said Trump is "a threat to the peace of the world" and his talk about abandoning NATO allies is "supreme irresponsibility." His threat could bring Putin to the wrong conclusion about American reliability.'
    This is a ridiculous assessment and reveals a lack of understanding of Obama. 1) What has Obama done to defend Crimea and Ukraine against the Russians? Nothing substantive. 2) How much effort did Obama expend to defend the 'red line' he drew in Syria? Never broke a sweat. 3) What is NATO doing today to protect Europe from Islamic radicals entering along with millions of Syrian refugees? There is a major terror attack somewhere in Europe almost every day. 4) What is the US doing about Erdogan's murdering, jailing, and suspending the rights of Turkish dissidents and the secular military? Nothing that I can see.
    Please stop fabricating a narrative about Obama's strong leadership in foreign affairs. It is obviously just not true. Trump will be a much stronger, more effective presence than Obama on the world stage. Look, world leadership has been weak and ineffective for many years. Why not give some else a shot - like Trump. He will not do worse than the mess we have now.

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    Rabbi Linzer tries to prove success of YCT through the high employment rates of their rabbis following graduation.this fact cannot be used as proof of success however.many people are uneducated with what exactly open orthodoxy is and may think it's a more left modern orthodox and therefore Shuls may be willing to hire them.through further research of the open orthodox movement the board members who hire these rabbis will realize these are not orthodox rabbis and the "employment rate" will go down.rabbi linzer said oo tries to meet people where they are.whoever said its okay to change Torah according to the standards that people are choosing to live by.seems like there is a lot of inner turmoil within open orthodox.soon open orthodox rabbis will have to make an offshoot of open orthodox.

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    To channel my favorite sister of a rabbi, "you are being ridiculous." It is the challenge of Orthodox Judaism to normalize women into the responsibilities and privileges of being a Jew. If creative, learned and sincere Orthodox rabbis cannot figure this out, then Orthodoxy will continue its devolution into a sexist, racist and ignorant cult (the latter due to the continued rejection of a respectable core secular curriculum in hareidi schools that would generate educated and functional people in the 21st Century). For me, this summer, I think all Orthodox Jews should read Donniel Hartman's recent book, Putting God Second. Women are people too.

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    In this tribute, Rabbi Greenberg has perfectly captured the man, the teacher, the hero, his strength,and his charisma. Working with Elie Wiesel as his Personal Assistant at Boston University for 27 years (1977-2004), I witnessed his tireless efforts on behalf of others, Jew and non-Jew alike. In our office, never did he turn away someone in need. When his generosity and kindness were applied in the wider world, his impact was tremendous. I never ceased being impressed by his strength on behalf of humanity. He always knew what to say, whether speaking to a president, a king, or to the audiences of thousands who came to hear him and be inspired.

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    Sorry, previous commenter. These anti-Semitic Israel haters aren't fellow travelers with the Democrats, they ARE the Democrats. It's seems like an old cliché to say "Jews better wake up," so let's put it this way: Jews better find a good real estate broker if Nurse Ratched somehow manages to win.