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    October 7, 2015

    Unfortunately, Ms. Lax is taking the educational issues
    with the Hasidic and Haredi schools as an opportunity to
    bash them. The issues of inadequate education and abuse
    of government programs are two separate issues. The
    first one needs to be solved within the community.
    The second one needs to be solved by adequate
    monitoring by responsible authority and prosecution of
    those responsible. Two leaders of the Haredi and
    Hasidic world ,the late Rav Moshe Feinstein Alov
    Hashalom and the late Lubavitcher Rebbe Alov Hashalom
    condemned taken benefits under false pretensions.
    Ms. Lax, stop hating your former community and
    move on with your life.


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    First and foremost, Izzy's Brooklyn Bagels is in Palo Alto, NOT Mountain View. This is a very important distinction because Izzy's is located on California St. in the heart of Palo Alto's heavily Orthodox Jewish quarter. Izzy's sells much more than just bagels, including full dairy-meal catering to Palo Alto's Orthodox population.

    And when mentioning the joys of Palo Alto, one cannot ignore the beautiful University Avenue, which has most of the city's best shopping, restaurants, and local flavor. The gorgeous tree-lined street has plenty of benches, outdoor dining and coffee/tea opportunities, and still has maintained the flavor of Palo Alto before the most recent start-up craze.

    Likewise, in Mountain View, the main social life and nightlife area is Castro Street, where millennials and their grandparents alike socialize in a well-lit, clean corridor of shops, restaurants, and nightclubs...all walking distance from the Caltrain.

    Last but not least, you can't talk about the South Bay without mentioning the Mountain Winery and Montalvo Arts Center, two wonderful, intimate, outdoor music and arts venues located in Saratoga, where big names from kd lang to Jewel, Chelsea Handler to UB40 perform!

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    Maybe some some rich jew can help to another jew in Israel with 20k for start new perspective life?!: )
    I have great True story to prove why I need, sometimes it's more effective that medical researchers: )

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    Agreed. Don't be a bad jew.

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    This money should come from the
    claims Conference