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    its the overhead. theirs is high.

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    The truth is that AIPAC has always had a center-right tilt, at minimum, and its backers have been disproportionately Republican. This has become increasingly the case as time has gone on, as both the Republican leadership in Congress and the current Prime Minister have become increasingly hard line in a variety of ways.

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    It's all about finding ways for people to connect. We are working on a program for adults as well as kids.

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    '... Saudi Arabia, the rest of the Gulf are as dismayed as Israel by Obama’s regional strategy, which, stripped of its diplomatic veneer, boils down to a straight trade: The US will allow Iran to reach the status of a pre-nuclear power and regional hegemon, while Tehran, in return, will send its officers and ground troops to fight in Iraq, Syria and even Afghanistan.' [against ISIS] -- Debkafile

    I hate ISIS. No one has a lower opinion of ISIS. But ISIS is NOT as dangerous to the world as Iran with a nuclear weapon. Obama's behind the scene strategy of putting Iran in charge of fighting ISIS in exchange for allowing Iran a pre-nuclear capability is a mistake of historic proportions. I know Americans are war weary. But whose fault is that? Obama should have pulled out of Afghanistan 5 years ago. He never should have gone into Libya; he never should have turned against Mubarak in Egypt. He should have left a 15,000 residual force in Iraq. It is crystal clear that under Obama's leadership, serious foreign policy blunders have been made. But it is time to repair the damage.
    Strategize hand-in-hand with Israel. Stop Iran. Obama claimed that Israel had no greater friend. Prove it.

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    So they are religious, pro Israel and their children become doctors and lawyers. Definitely a crisis.