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  • Reply to: Women Studying Torah: Facts On The Ground   2 days 8 hours ago

    Thank you, Lisa, for demonstrating how reality is a necessary corrective to prejudice. And thank you for showcasing one of SAR High School's many amazing attributes-its inspiring leadership!

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    I remember hearing that an otherwise liberal Jewish day school that had just hired a female head of Jewish studies was pressured by parents to hire a man alongside her because otherwise kids would not be able to form a rav-talmid relationship with their rabbinic teacher. Yet another reason women in these positions should be able to pursue, and receive, rabbinic ordination and the appropriate titles.

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    That's what happens when you betray you own family and your faith. Now what a great example she is now!

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    Keep studying Gemara for as long as you like--one day the halachic process will become clear to you and then you'll look back and chuckle at this article. Facts on the ground are things that can influence a political process, a UN vote, even popular opinion. But halachic decisions based on a priori facts on the ground? That would indeed make an interesting article

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    So you're saying I should have broken up with a man who treats me like an angel just because he's a man of a different faith than my own? And that G-d won't forgive me (or him) for loving and respecting Him and one another? That just seems so unwelcoming, something this article and my understanding of my faith would strive for. I don't see a reason to give up on someone I love, and someone that loves me, for the sole reason that he has a different religion than my own. Being Jewish is a privilege and I love my religion, but Judaism is not #1 in a hierarchy of other religions, and I think it foolish to claim my Christian fiancé is somehow not deserving of my love or lesser than I because he was raised differently than me.