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  • Reply to: Dear Ivanka   10 hours 1 min ago

    Donald Trump said that he was for immigration contrary to the propaganda of the left. He is against illegal immigration. According to the propaganda of the left that makes him a racist. According to reality it makes him a patriot.

  • Reply to: Is Mel Gibson’s ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ good for the Jews?   10 hours 51 min ago

    Yes, the film was good, both in its battle scenes as in its message: faith gives courage a lot more than a rifle in one´s hands.
    As to Mel Gibson being an anti-semite, why the label?
    He knows very well that Yeshua Benyasef was Jew and preached according to Torah; he should know if he doesn´t! The architect of Christianity is Shaul/Paul, also a Jew who extended his faith to the Greeks in a form acceptable to them, through synchretism.
    A well deserved Medal of Honour by Doss!

  • Reply to: Over 600 Rabbis, Cantors Sign Pledge To Hold Trump Administration Accountable For Human Rights   11 hours 16 min ago

    Any jew that disparages other jews from standing up for human rights is misguided, and does not understand the essence of judaism. They, in my opinion, are probably from the far extreme jewish cults that refuse to educate their children and do not engage with the world. Any jew that can support a man who has appointed Bannon as chief policy advisor is not only ignorant but threatens their own people and the entire reputation of our beloved country. Thank you courageous rabbis. They stand for the truth, justice and the American way. May many more sign up. You have my greatest respect and admiration.

  • Reply to: Ethel Rosenberg’s Sons Urge Obama To Posthumously Exonerate Spy Mother   1 day 30 min ago

    The headline on this article is misleading. The whole point is that evidence now shows that their mother was not a spy.

  • Reply to: Tough Fight Seen Here On Trump’s Voucher Plan   1 day 1 hour ago

    Remember the options we had for telephones before "phone choice"? A white phone or a blue phone or a black phone. School Choice will revolutionize the education system, blow the teachers unions out of the water, and we will end up with Smart Students, just like we now have Smart Phones.