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    I wonder if they would dare try investigating Muslim schools that also don't teach evolution and gay lifestyles. As an Orthodox Jew I think yeshivas are doing very well. In fact there are many very wealthy religious Jews who never finished high school and are very wealthy. In fact the four bidders for the Empire State Building were all Orthodox Jews. Making money has nothing to do with education. To type or write something you can hire a college student. There are quite a few chassidim worth hundreds of millions in boro park alone. There are numerous college educated secular jews out of jobs.

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    Sosua is now getting rid of the clubs and has positive growth as a community of expats and locals getting ready for a new phase in its history. Investment in Sosua is always increasing, specially in real estate. It still has a red zone where single guys visit to find women, although it is a choice that many ignore and instead enjoy the beautiful scenery, beaches and Caribbean living of Sosua. Many visitors are families with children, that report fabulous vacation times:
    And to the haters: Sosua is free of Sargassum algae, which now affects most Caribbean beaches. It is a town blessed since its beginnings, and welcomes everyone as equal.

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    But after considering what divides them, they know what they think about Jews and Israel and it could well not be favorable-alas!

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    US Presidents have laid claim to leadership of the Western world for many decades - certainly since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Obama never renounced that position of US supremacy. If he had, he probably wouldn't have been elected. So people who claim that the chaos in Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iraq, and Ukraine are partly Obama's responsibility are right! There is no question that the Arab world is a self-inflicted gunshot wound, but that has been true for many, many years. When Obama took office, every nation that I mentioned above was relatively stable. War had not broken out over large swathes of territory. Millions of refugees weren't migrating to Europe. Obama and his minions have been blaming others (Bush, Republicans, the Tea Party, Netanyahu, for example) every time events go badly - which have been quite often. The Presidents that Americans admire, took responsibility for their policies. They acted forcefully and achieved successful outcomes. No one can say Obama has acted forcefully in the Middle East. He still doesn't have a policy for Syria, unless you consider ineffective pin-prick air strikes against ISIS a policy.

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    To adapt a phrase, feminism is the 'radical' notion that women were also created in the image of God.