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    the Caine Mutiny was, and still is, the best wartime novel of WW2

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    celeb worship is the new "avoda zara"

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    all the Israel-bashing notwithstanding, it seems that American Jews fail to realize that unlike their US cousins, Israelis live in a very dangerous and totally unforgiving neighborhood where mere survival is a day-to-day challenge.

    The fact that Israelis aren't as attuned to the niceties of American liberal politics might be because no American Jew living in Short Hills, NJ or Holmby Hills, Ca. has to worry about terrorists lobbing mortars at his home while his kids are asleep.

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    Where are the many thousands of students who were influenced by Rabbi Riskin. ?Where are the Rabbinic organizations and the university and YESHIVA he taught at and graduated from ? Where are his colleagues. ? They should all be speaking out. RABBI RISKIN is a master teacher and master of Torah knowlege. I can only assume they are afraid of falling into the mouths of the powerful Israeli Rabbinate who argues among themselves, some of whom who have been sent to jail, and others who demand that Yeshiva students not serve in the army. What a much of cowards.

    As Rabbinate targets Rabbi Riskin, battle lines take shape

    Organizations come out in support of popular religious leader who faces the boot for his progressive policies

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    But you must surely know that "conservative" does not make you a Jew. Only Orthodox Judaism makes you a Jew by conversion.