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    In Allen Fagin's attempt to defend the OU against criticism by JOFA that only a token number of women were invited to meet with the panel of poskim assigned to determine the roles of women in the clergy, he argues that over a third of the invitees were women. Does he fail to see the irony in that argument? More than half the population is female. They should be represented accordingly, even more so when the matter at hand is one of women's rights.

    The Jewish world does not need men to decide what's best for women especially when their suppressive positions are already known to the world and their rabbinic self-preservation is at stake.

    -Michael Schreiber
    Holliswood, NY

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    We all believe in God and I seriously thank the prophecies to be there on this earth and keep us guided about our religion and stuffs related to it. God bless us. This is really required these days, as to learn about true and right path.

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    I was very pleased to come across this article and link it from (the "Bertha Jacobi" entry of) a new interactive map, many of whose entries touch upon past Jewish life in the area. Find it at . Mrs. J was an early example of cultural diversification many people have forgotten!

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    Kol Israel and their friends should consider building an eruv using the Pokémon GO augmented reality engine. It couldn't be vandalized!

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    Dear Friends

    Besides being a Rabbi I have taught public speaking and communication arts for over forty years. Mr. Trump needs to have a succinct message and not contradict himself. We who support him do so because he is Trump. He needs to attack Hillary more and stop appealing to those groups who will not support him whatever he says or does. She is still beatable because every day new information about her lying is coming forth. People on facebook stop listening to the news stations and reading the political garbage being disseminated on facebook. Most is fabricated and political double talk