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  • Reply to: So, You Want Your School To Be More Like Camp?   12 hours 55 min ago

    Very true but teaching in done at all different levels and without the hands on experience the kids aren't motivated to learn

  • Reply to: Abuse Case Raising Statute Questions   15 hours 28 min ago

    Where is the proof? They kept saying they will show it.

  • Reply to: After The Rage, The Memes   1 day 15 hours ago

    Very harsh, Anonymous. But I can't help but agree with you. The Haredim can live how it wants to, can live where it wants to. But not, as you said, as leaches off the state and other citizens.

  • Reply to: A Rabbi’s Low Blow   1 day 18 hours ago

    Shabbat Shalom--I was always told not to conflate Judaism with Jews. If Rabbi Bloviator with his Chutzpah mouth and fascist sympathies was representative of our beautiful tribal tradition, I'd throw away my matzohs and go eat trief. He should be ashamed of himself!

  • Reply to: Is GOP Walking Into Immigration Trap?   1 day 20 hours ago

    There are intemperate folks in both parties.

    By all accounts, there are serious and rational folks on both sides of the immigration issue.

    Your reporter doesn't help by simply trying to ridicule some of the congress persons he disagrees with. I was surprised that he included Senator McCain in his ridicule. Senator McCain has been an outspoken advocate of comprehensive immigration reform for many years.

    Are you not aware that the House Of Representatives passed an immigration bill that was never brought before the Senate for a vote. Sure, there would have been opposition to it. But, it could have been the beginning of some serious negotiations.

    Do you even know what the concerns are of the serious, responsible people who are dissatisfied with the President's approach to immigration? If so, I haven't seen them mentioned in your reporting.