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    As an outside person, listening and reading about both stories I wonder if the chasidic community actually cares about their surrounding community at all? Why would you willingly prevent another child of God from the benefit of a proper education? That seems awfully cruel to me.
    Another point is that if the chasidic community wants the law changed so that they can send students to PRIVATE schools using PUBLIC money then they should move higher up the political system. My belief is that they don't do this because they know they would fail. It is always better to stand back and call yourself persecuted then to jump into the fight.

    Then last comment I would make is this: If you don't like the laws of the town you are living in then move, or petition the state to annex the chasidic part of the town and create a new one. Granted that would leave the public out of a lot of money but in the end at least the parents of the kids that actually go to the schools would be able to control the school environment. Right now the chasidic community is casting the whip the way they see fit when, save for dollars from their pockets, there is ZERO impact on them. Their children are not impaired & their community is not the one being destroyed. They are acting as overseers with no care for impact of the actions that they are taking. Ahhh how the tables turn.

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    Hi again "Pearl." I know how you like to use the word "derelict" in relation to the ERCSD board whenever you can, but your comment just doesn't make any sense. Other districts "saved their reserves" by raising school taxes by at least 25%. That's nice for them. But Airmont, Upper Nyack, and Congers (for a few examples) are some of the richest, whitest, communities in NY. Spring Valley, Monsey and New Square in ERCSD are some of the poorest. The ERCSD board spent down the reserves so they could keep programs for as long as possible without cutting the budget. But when they couldn't do that anymore, they had to cut, because the ERCSD electorate wouldn't approve raising taxes. That's not "derelict."

    In the This American Life piece, Calhoun's "big reveal" about the budget seems to be his conclusion that the reason ERCSD had to cut services was because the Orthodox community voters wouldn't vote for tax hikes. Well ... yeah. I didn't think that was ever even in dispute. There would never be budget cuts anywhere if voters were always willing pay more taxes. The more interesting point is the one Ungar is making. The ERCSD board is regularly accused by people like "Pearl" of being "derelict," of stealing from the kids, of deliberately "gutting" public school programs. Ungar shows why that's not a fair criticism. If the money isn't there, the board has to cut. Calhoun would say the same thing, if he was being honest.

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    Sadly, I've lost all respect for Ungar-Sargon's reporting abilities. Her personal attack on the other reporter is COMPLETELY unprofessional and clearly displays her newly found bias. It is not a reporters job to assail a fellow reporter on story content when she herself was not assailed in his. She has soiled her reputation with such a foolish move. BTW, it is not only in this article but on twitter as well where she joined forces with the most despicable element from our community.

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    It makes no sense. If the issue for the Orthodox Jewish community was just taxes, there was absolutely no need to sit on the Board - all you have to do is vote down the budgets (which is what was being done anyway WITH Board representation). The tax issue is a red herring as it is obvious that this issue could be addressed WITHOUT sitting on the Board.

    Second, if it is true that Steven Price and others worked a deal with the Orthodox community that they wouldn't cut busing, textbooks, etc. as long as they voted for the budget, this is problematic for 2 reasons. One - it is illegal. Two - those services are mandated by law and CAN'T be cut. It sounds to me that Mr. Price, the Superintendent, and others may be deserving of a criminal investigation.

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    "But that connection didn’t stop Wieder from winning a seat on the Rockland County Legislature, which he’s held since 2011."

    The tactic Wieder's campaign used was not to advertise that he was running.if ERCSD people knew he was running, they would have come out in droves. He used that tactic to attain the Legislative seat. Glad he lost. Sorry he still holds public office. He is the architect of destruction of ERCSD.