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    Are you on Torah's side or not? That is the question that you have not directly answered.It seems not, for you do not mention Halacha in your piece above, just a pseudo-secular reference to "Genesis" and "the word" at the very end. Jewish ethics allows opposition to all anti-Jewish rhetoric, and in fact encourages it, and some might call it unacceptable, but they will have to accept it in THE END.

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    Hoping that Bernie Sanders becomes "the first Jewish President" without a thorough analysis of his socialist politics, his views, or his mostly negative stance towards Israel is just as racist as those that vowed to or not to vote for Obama just on the basis of his race. People should vote for the best candidate based ONLY on proven record, not based on their religion, race, or any other arbitrary consideration! ENough of the one-dimensional counterproductive nonsense Jewish Week!

    Dear America, when you vote (if you are registered and care enough to at least), vote according to the candidate's record, not your random biases. You are just as big a bigot if you vote for Sanders based his religion as is the person that would vote for the other person just BECAUSE he's Jewish! That is called a double standard. Take note!

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    Don't agree, Erica. Too much like throwing out the baby with the bathwater. There will always be idiots -- nothing we can do about it -- sigh . . . part of the human condition. But there are thoughtful folks out there that will use those spaces for meaningful dialogue as I hope I have just done. An aside -- i usually love yer column!

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    The U.N. and Ban Ki-moon have been complete and utter failures. Do you know Ki-moon's position on the Syrian civil war with intervention by Iran and Russia? I don't, yet hundreds of thousands are dead and millions have lost their homes. Europe is overflowing with refugees whom no one knows what to do with. Ban Ki-moon should pick a problem (not Israel) and try to do something constructive with it. He is not helping anyone in Israel.

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