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    Ben-Ami says, 'These new stresses and strains have forced many to ask what supporting and loving Israel really means. Does being “pro-Israel” really mean backing every decision the Israeli government makes?'

    No, backing every Israeli government decision is not necessary. I would turn around and ask Mr. Ben-Ami a question. In an 800 word article about Israel-US relations, why doesn't the word Jewish appear anywhere? Secondly, if negotiations to settle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are entered in to, isn't Abbas's unwillingness to recognize Israel as the Jewish state a deal breaker? How can anyone ask Israel to take real, physical risks for peace and not ask the Palestinians to recognize Jewish Israel?

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    JEW AGAINST JEW THIS IS HORRIBLE Many have written me privately asking why I speak out knowing I could be harmed, harassed or debased and ridiculed. The answer is I care for all of you and for Judaism. I know in my heart that what I am telling you is the truth at least as I see it. Someone called be a straight shooter and that I am. Some of you have called or e mailed me with religious questions....Please remember we are not the chosen people but the choosing people. We choose to continue the tradition or throw it away. I believe we are all the children of G-d and do not consider a Jew more special than anyone of any other faith. But you are special to me... NEVER AGAIN IS NOW ANTI-SEMITISM IS ALIVE AND WELL THROUGHTOUT THE WORLD

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    Don't think that the world's jihadists won't take note on how much the U.S. supports its ally, Israel. If they perceive that we are leaving Israel to twist in the wind, it will be like blood in the water - our blood.

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    You have to look at the full picture to understand gender and Torah. If you want to look at selected slices of life and work yourself into a self-righteous outrage, that is your choice.

    Men have enormous burdens that women don't have, such as that of supporting a family. Men are required to get married and support these families. You are worried about women and encouragement for shul attendance. Men are required to attend shul - rain, sleet, or snow. Men are required to go to war. I just watched a film about D-day and WWII. Solders were getting ripped to shreds on the beach. All men. I'm not complaining about it but just pointing out that what seems like privilege is responsibility.

    As for aguna, most cases are custody battles where the women are preventing the men from seeing their kids. In many, the women are having the men arrested. I know many cases where men lost access to their kids. I don't know of a single aguna.

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    Who am I to tell an Auschwitz survivor she's wrong? Zei gezunt!