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    It is too bad that some of us felt it necessary to place ourselves in opposition to our gentile neighbors. We did not want to make this referendum a test of religious loyalty.

    For us the key issue was the terrible terrible leadership of Supervisor St. Lawrence and the slavish support provided by his rubber stamp town board. Together they have pushed Ramapo to the verge of bankruptcy.

    The entire community, Jew and gentile voted better than 2 to 1 against a stadium bond for $16 million. He built it anyway at a cost of $60 million. We are now losing $3 million a year because of this terrible decision. The NYS Comptroller found that the ENTIRE town board denied any knowledge of stadium finances. In other words they turned their back on ALL of the people of Ramapo.

    Then, under pressure from the frum community St. Lawrence finally promised "affordable" housing. Instead he allowed his friends to build housing that was so expensive almost no one in our community could afford the housing. So he ILLEGALLY sold almost all of the apartments to LLsC which are now renting them out at a good profit.

    Building in Monsey has now become so concentrated, and apartment houses have been built so close together that our people are going to die when our poor volunteer fire department cannot reach fire victims in a timely manner.

    I could go on and on. The point is that our community has given St. Lawrence a blank check. He uses that to make sure his town board is made up of nobodies who will always say yes.
    According to the NYS Comptroller Ramapo is the financially stressed town in NYS and has the highest average salaries of any municipal government in NYS.

    Look at our literature. We never attack anyone because of their religion. We stick to St. Lawrence's terrible failures and wish others would do the same.

    Robert I. Rhodes, Chairman, Preserve Ramapo,

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    I stand corrected. Thanks for pointing it out. I've fixed the story. -Amy

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    isn't Kaser and Viznitz the same?

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    This coming Saturday, as part of our teen services for Yom Kippur, we are going to use a selection of the submissions we received to our Temple Emanu-El eScapegoat ( - a very contemporary and immediate take on the "al cheit" prayer. There were many submissions to the goat (with more coming in every day) - these are the ones we'll be sharing:

    “I am sorry that sometimes I yelled at my children when I was really upset about other things.”
    “I have cheated on tests.”
    “I didn't pay a friend back.”
    “I am sorry I was short with people at work when I got stressed out and I didn't apologize.”
    “I want to be less negative about everything.”
    “I went on my phone in school (a lot).”
    “Being so impatient with things sometimes.”
    “Not letting myself be happy because others aren't happy.”
    “I make fun of people who aren't as smart as I am.”
    “I'm sorry for not being sorry.”
    “I am sorry for not giving people the benefit of the doubt.”
    “I'm sorry for repeating the same mistakes and not learning from the past.”

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    Simple answer on how to avoid being ripped off in Uman. Do NOT go there. Simply outrageous and a desecration of Judaism that so many men abandon their families during this period to slum it around a gravesite in the antisemitic heartland of the Ukraine. And no doubt the lawless antics of many of these Chasids and near-Chasids provide arguments to the locals perhaps otherwise not inclined towards antisemitism.