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    That is the “intersectionality” I believe in, and that is why I see no contradiction between my work supporting civil and human rights in Israel and Palestine, and my activism in the LGBTQ movement.... sorry, you cant do both. The LGBTQ movement is in bed with radical Islam, because they both want to tear down Western civilization. I have no doubt that within 2-3 years, you will be burning Israeli flags and applauding bus bombings in Israel

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    Dear Abbie H., I guess ignorance is bliss. There is true religious freedom in Israel. Anyone can pray in which ever way makes 'em happy. However, just as a group of Buddhists cannot interrupt mass in a cathedral, so, too, WOW cannot interrupt traditional Jewish prayer at the Kotel. And to all those who think that the Robinson's Arch area is the beginning of religious pluralism in Israel, think again. The Israeli gov't is not dumb. They realize that aside from maybe once a month WoW prayer meetings, the area will remain basically dormant. Who is going to come? How often to Reform and Conservative Israelis came to the Kotel?

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    Kol Hakoved. May she be blessed ten fold. Thank you Jewish Week for shining a spotlight on this angel.
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    I worry that so many books for tweens and young adults focus on the Holocaust and other negatives in Jewish history. Surely we can also supply Jewish youngsters with positive books, no?

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    While I know what you mean and frequently stop reading as the comments become more juvenile, I'd like to know what happens to the ability for thoughtful comments. Perhaps time will help resolve this.
    Thank you for allowing this comment!