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  • Reply to: Yom HaShoah, Anne Frank And Refugee Security Checks   1 day 7 hours ago

    Thanks to Mark Hetfield for this urgent call to conscience. How ironic that our "nation of immigrants" has too often closed its gates at critical times to those who were not northern (Christian) Europeans.

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    Finally, how do we keep Holocaust memory alive and what is our message to our children, grandchildren and future generations? In my opinion, all the museums in the world and all the books that are written will not preserve the memory of the Holocaust. In time, the Holocaust may become nothing more than a date in history. If we teach Holocaust and genocide together as one subject, we guarantee that the impact of the Holocaust will merely blend into other genocides. What is the solution? We must incorporate in our religious services and religious traditions, memoirs, readings, and liturgy, readings concerning the Holocaust. I have, therefore, already written a Holocaust Passover Haggadah and a Holocaust Siddur ( see on the internet: Reading about the Holocaust must become part of every Jewish holiday, particularly the High Holidays. I want to emphasize to those children and grandchildren who still have living survivors of the Holocaust in their families, ask questions now, don’t be afraid. Sometimes, a Holocaust survivor will not feel comfortable speaking to their children, but will be able to communicate their thoughts with their grandchildren. I ask that you do so before all the Holocaust survivors are gone.

    Remember the lives, the culture, the achievements, of those who perished in the Holocaust

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    You write, "It is clear that a state is available to the 'Palestinians'...."

    Why is this clear? It has been the practice of the Israeli right to negotiate continuously without a conclusion. Negotiation is just another delaying tactic. It is impossible to convince someone to agree to something which is opposed to their self-interest. Giving up anything to the Palestinians in not currently in Israel's interest. As long as the U.S. sends billions and Europe dithers, nothing will get done. When there is enough international pressure on Israel to compromise, compromise will occur; not before. All that negotiations will do at this time is give the illusion to the already convinced, such as you, that Israel is actually offering something.

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    Don't play a premature Taps just yet. Bernie just won Indiana, defying all of the polls leading up to the primary--none had picked Sanders. He will probably do well in upcoming contests in West Virginia and Oregon. If nothing else, he will force Hillary to address some serious weaknesses in her candidacy by dealing more forcefully with inequalities created by corporate greed.

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    A biased newspaper is one which has an opinion contrary to yours.