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  • Reply to: Who Speaks For American Jews?   5 hours 19 min ago

    Israel should not have to expose to anyone its nuclear capabilities.Having experienced the Holocaust and the destruction of Jewish communities in Arab countries who were absorbed into Israel, the Jewish state has said it will not be the first to use these capabilities in this terrible neighborhood known as the middle east. For any American Jew as MR. Polner to suggest that is totally of base.You don't live in Israel and experience what the average Israeli Jew and Arab experience on a daily basis having to defend Israel 24/7.

  • Reply to: The Orthodox Community Must Embrace Its Gay Children   11 hours 11 min ago

    There is definitely a sin in acting on “homosexual tendencies”. A person destroys his soul be acting on homosexuality. Even thinking homosexual thoughts must be overcome as they make homosexual actions more likely and of course that is against the Torah. No one should harm a homosexual person, but neither should people with "homosexual tendencies" be allowed to brainwash the entire community into accepting and even elevating the "homosexual life-style". Homosexuality cannot be "normalized" as that condones a very anti-Torah activity -that of homosexuality. In a way it is "contagious" for children can see that it is being "accepted". and that acceptance is not being done in the case of thieves, adulterers and murderers. The Rebbe did not say that homosexuality is condoned-that is a COMPLETE LIE. He said one must throw off the desire for homosexual acts entirely with all one’s strength! The Rebbe said that toeva is a sin and simply that one has to fight that inclination within oneself. So patting some-one on the back for toeva is a big big NO NO.

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    The reality of good leadership is that it doesn't have to call attention to itself. The leader leads, it usually looks easy, and the people feel better. When a leader has to explain to his followers how much safer and better off they are - usually they aren't. Jews aren't anti-Obama and they are not Republicans, but they know Iran is a dangerous, anti-Israel nation. Anyone who purports to block Iran from acquiring nukes, had better make a strong, unambiguous statement. Personally, I'm not confidant that statement has been made, or that Iran has heard it and acknowledges it.

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    I have complained about Obama's policies toward Israel since the beginning - I'm weary of it now. However, I just read that Iran is stockpiling advanced guided missiles which can reach anywhere inside of Israel from northern Lebanon. Israel is watching that development closely, but it has the potential to be a spark that ignites war. That is the huge problem with Obama's strategy - or lack of one. For the sake of argument, put aside Iran's nuclear option. Let's accept that Iran can't get nukes for 15 years. What about conventional missiles that can hit everywhere in Israel! Nothing in the agreement helps Israel with that threat. Just because you are President, doesn't mean you know what you are doing. Obama thought if he kept the US out of the Syrian conflict, US interests would be served. Wrong. At minimum, thousands of refugees are flooding into Europe. Many hundreds are drowning, suffocating, and winding up dead. European countries are building walls and enduring social unrest. What did Obama think would happen to the millions of displaced Syrians and Libyans? International politics is like playing 3 dimensional chess. Obama's strategy is like playing checkers.

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    I knew Obama would not block Iran 7 years ago, and I also knew there were many better options to the deal. Why didn't you see them? Just like the race horse wearing blinders, you think you won the race just because you passed the 2 horses you saw in front of you. Unfortunately, you had no knowledge of the four horses that passed you on your blind side.