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    I am ashamed of Israel-since it's beginning when it took over the land of Palestine by killing. I no longer view the Jews of Israel and it's American supporters as moral people. Support for Israel is like sports, "It's our team-we support them." The morality of fans at a game. Point fingers,ignore 2000 lives lost vs less than a hundred in Israel. Shame on this group thinking. SHAME.

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    Reminded of Harvard professor Stephen Greenblatt's description of Poggio's numinous handwriting in THE SWERVE: How the World Became Modern.

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    The Alusi article by Heather Robinson is not only impact full but also full of hope. The portrayal of this man ,supported by historical reference ,valid supporting views and factual ideology make us hope that he is given the proper mandate, assumes the Cabinet Post and continues to work for freedom from terrorists and the rebuilding of a truly civilized world starting with the Middle East. Great piece of work. Thanks.

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    Heather Robinson's story offers a glimmer of much-needed hope for Iraq and the future of the Middle East. It's heartening to know that courageous souls like Mithal al Alusi refuse to be intimidated by terrorists. What a price he has paid, and the world owes him an enormous debt for his bravery.

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    I went to the exhibition last week with my 10-year old daughter. We both loved it as well as the entire museum. Try and go before the exhibit ends.