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    We at The Jewish Week apologize for the error that several readers have noticed and have revised the text to read "Nazi-occupied Poland." Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any other comments or suggestions.

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    Why do you think so? Because you disagree with her choice of cookies?

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    There is not a wide gap between what some believe is harmful to israel and what is in Israels long term interest.Simply put In a democracy such as Israel where the recent elections produced 14 seats for Arab parties that stand up in the knesset and curse the very body they receive a salary from out of Israels 120 seats, that act should be considered treason. The fact that they have Jewish organizations masking themselves as pro Israel in the united States supporting those Arab parties should be considered treason against the Jewish people. No member of the full house of representative could legally denounce support for the constitution that he or she swore to uphold and get away with it.The treason that is taking place in Israel is akin to the same treason that a US representative disavowing his or her support for the constitution.

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    G-d help israel to overcome every problem,so the jewish world should not pay deaf ear on the problem of igbos( jews of nigeria)

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    Allow me to correct a number of errors in the above article. The authors' eagerness to castigate the Chief Rabbinate unfortunately led them to distort my views. I never said that Rabbi Riskin's conversions will "wreak havoc" with conversion in Israel. Rather I said that since conversion in Israel not only transforms one's religious identity but also confers Israeli citizenship, perforce it must be done under the authority of a government agency - here, the Chief Rabbinate. In no country in the world are laymen authorized to grant citizenship. That is a prerogative of the state.
    Furthermore, the authors implied that I was opposed to Rabbi Riskin's reappointment. That is untrue. I ended my piece as follows: "I sincerely hope that Rav Riskin resolves whatever dispute he has with the Rabbanut (or vice versa, although I haven’t read an official word of the Rabbanut at all about this matter) and we see the return of the traditional Rav Riskin who has inspired countless thousands of Jews to a greater love, appreciation and observance of Torah. The Jewish world needs his mentshlichkeit, his passion, his goodness and his Torah. We also need his leadership in preventing Orthodoxy from drifting back into the last century."
    By the way, what will "wreak havoc" with conversion is decentralized conversion in the United States. Indeed, it already has.
    Finally, I am not a prominent member of the RCA Executive.
    I could go on with other errors but I will rest with these.
    Steven Pruzansky

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